6 Reasons For You To Add Celery To Your Daily Diet

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Native to the Europe and Mediterranean, Celery, also known as Ajmoda, serves as a storehouse of several anti-oxidants. The high nutritional value of the plant supports the medicinal benefits to its name. Edible in nature, celery stalks are amongst the commonly consumed part of the plant, whereas many people choose to include the seeds and the leaves to their diets.


Enriched with different antioxidants, it serves as a rich source of phytonutrients such as phenols, flavonoids and phytosterols. The celery leaves are a rich source of minerals such as calcium, sodium, copper, magnesium, iron, zinc, potassium, folate and vitamins such as Vitamin E, A, C, B6, B12 and Vitamin K. With water as its major component, it also houses dietary fibre (1.6 grams fibre per 100 grams) and therefore aids digestion.


Here are 6 health benefits of Celery:

1 . Reduces Blood Pressure

-Rich source of organic chemical compounds that impair the production of stress hormones, the pthalides in Celery, expand the blood vessels. This gives the blood more space to move and thereby help in reducing pressure.

Ways To Use

-Prepare a healthy smoothie by combining stalks of celery, spinach, ginger and a tomato in a blender with water and less salt. Strain and have with a dash of lime.

2 . Reduces Cholesterol

-The pthalides in celery, stimulates the secretion of the bile juices that further reduces the cholesterol levels. Less cholesterol means less plague on the artery walls and thereby improves the overall health of the heart.

-Studies suggest that daily consumption of celery has found to reduce the LDL or ‘bad cholesterol’.

Ways To Use 

-Prepare a juice by juicing 4 celery stalks, 1 cucumber and 1 lime. Pour in 4 ounces of coconut water and stir to blend. Have immediately.

3 . Improves Joint Health

Celery has anti-inflammatory properties that help to reduce swelling and pain around the joints. It acts as a diuretic which removes uric acid from the body.  It also increases the regrowth of tissues in the inflamed joints.

Ways To Use 

-Chop a bunch of celery into 4 inches lengthwise. Spread cashew butter on the leaves.  Add a few raisins on the butter.  Have it as a raw salad.

4 . Boosts Immune System

-Celery, a rich source of Vitamin C, helps in boosting the immune system. It thereby helps in keeping you from catching the common cold and also protects you against a host of other diseases.

Ways To Use

-A delicious fruit salad can be prepared by mixing sliced apples along with peanuts, raisins and chopped celery leaves in a bowl. Mix orange juice and mayonnaise and drizzle it on the mixture.

5 . Prevents Cancer

-Celery also serves as a rich source of cancer fighting compounds such as pthalides, flavonoids and polyacetylenes. It also contains coumarins which enhances the activity of certain white blood cells and help keep the cancer cells at bay.

Ways To Use

Prepare a chutney or a spread using a bunch of coriander leaves, 5 to 6 stalks of celery, half a bunch of mint, lime, ginger, garlic, salt, green chilly. Blend with a little water.  Can use as a dip or as a spread for sandwiches.

6 . Prevents Intestinal Ulcers

-Celery leaves contain a special type of ethanol extract that protects the lining of the digestive tract. It also nourishes the stomach, colon and intestines due to the presence of flavonoids, tannins and alkaloids that control the level of gastric acid.

Ways To Use

-Prepare a green salad by combining a quarter cabbage, 3 celery stalks, and 1 cucumber in a large bowl. Separately whisk 2 tsp. olive oil, lemon juice, salt, pinch sugar, black pepper in a bowl.  Spoon this dressing over the cabbage salad.

So, go ahead and add this plant for these health benefits to your daily diet and reap the countless benefits that it has to offer. Stay Healthy, Stay Happy!

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