7 Tips To Pick The Best Office Chair For A Healthier You!

7 Tips To Pick The Best Office Chair For A Healthier You!

A sizeable portion of the humankind spends more time on the office chairs than in their beds or resting couches. For the urban employed therefore, the choice of the office chair is essential. Researchers say that the life of a chair is around five years and is advisable that you change yours as soon as you feel uneasy.

While we do not happen to buy a chair for ourselves at office, we can certainly choose the most ergonomic one that suits us best. Here are a few pointers to remember:

1 . Lumbar Support

When you sit up straight on a chair, there should not be a gap between your spine and the back of the chair. This is very important for maintaining the natural curvature of your spine. So support to your spine is what you start with.

2 . Height Of The Chair

The chair with adjustable height is the one to go for. While sitting on yours, the soles of your feet should be firmly planted on the ground with ample thigh support. Also, you should not have to stretch your hands out to reach the table.

3 . Width Of The Seat

While seated, your entire rear should fit comfortably in the seat. At the same time, there should not be a lot of space between your thighs and the arm-rests. Also, a gently curved seat that accommodates the shape of your buttocks is preferable to a plain surface.

4 . The Seating Surface

Too soft or too hard surfaces are to be avoided. An ideal office chair should provide support to your back and the buttocks without hurting them. When you test a chair, ensure that the seat does not sink more than 2 inches when your sit on it.

5 . The Arm Rest

While it is best to have adjustable armrests, you must insist on an ergonomic chair that supports your elbows while the hands work the computer or the pen on your desk. Also firm cushioning on the armrests are warranted to avoid tiring of your arms.

6 . The Upholstery

The fabric of the chair is very important as your comfort levels mainly depend on it. Avoid something that feels like plastic or nylon, also, rough and ill-stitched fabric can cause irritation and overheating, which of course will hamper your efficiency at work.

7 . Mobility Of The Chair

Properly functioning wheels fitted to your chair can make your life a lot easier and enjoyable at office. While you won’t have to get up every time you have to get something from the drawer behind you, being able to swivel around make chairs a lot more ergonomic and fun.

So, go ahead and make use of these points while choose your throne at office alongside keeping in mind the durability and price and warranty periods. Stay Happy, Stay Healthy!

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