Try These 5 Healthy Habits To Regulate Your Appetite!

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Sumptuous food with different flavors is the most difficult to resist, especially for those who love to experiment. You may end up making promises to yourself to not overeat, but there always are several reasons for you to do. What if you could practice a few tips to keep a watch on what you eat and regulate your eating.

Here are 5 practical ways to regulate your appetite:

1 . Make Sweating Fun

-Are you also amongst those who would work out rigorously for good number of hours, and end up binging onto unhealthy food items? If yes, here is what you have to be watchful of.

-Opt for workouts that shall keep you active rather than drain you off energy to the extent that you eat unhealthy. Post a strenuous workout, give your body time to relax before you eat. Prefer to have a bowl of salad rather than picking up a calorie rich chocolate or pudding.

2 . Get Enough Sleep

-Several studies suggest a direct link between sleeplessness and overeating. People who sleep for adequate hours were found to consume lesser carbs and fats.

-Additionally, sleeplessness also puts you at an increased risk of health conditions such as heart disease, depression and weakened immunity. To get yourself a calm sleep include cherries, bananas, jasmine rice and fortified cereals.

3 . Drink More Water

-It has been wrongly perceived that drinking water makes you lose weight. It is important to know that drinking water at regular intervals has been found to effectively control hunger pangs.

-Studies also suggest that it is best to have water before meals than to have it in between the meals. This way you end up consuming relatively less food than otherwise.

4 . Schedule Your Eating

-Make sure you eat at the right time. If you happen to eat at the right hour, you tend not to overeat because your body too gets acclimatized. Your body needs food at regular and consistent hours.

-Make sure you do not allow the body to starve beyond 3 hours and instead eat within the span. Include proteins and fiber in your meals. They keep you full for longer and keep you way from eating unhealthy.

5 . Pick Probiotics to Fight Mood Swings

-Often when one is stressed and hit by severe mood swings, one tends to eat more to distract his mind. This is absolutely not acceptable.

-Studies suggest, probiotics help to fight mood swings better. Add yoghurt, fermented foods to your diet to fight such conditions better.

So, you can give a try to these effective ways to avert overeating and yet eat the adequate quantity at the right time. Stay Happy, Stay Healthy with 1mg!

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