A Healthy Indulgence: 5 Reasons For You To Relish Dark Chocolate!

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Chocolate lovers don’t need an occasion to enjoy their favourite indulgence. While milk chocolate or sweet chocolate isn’t particularly healthy due to the extra sugar and calories, dark chocolate is the healthiest of all chocolate varieties. It has tremendous antioxidant potential and is known to trigger endorphins in the brain which make you happy.

Read further to explore the health benefits of this superfood:

1 . Fights Ageing

The flavonol and polyphenol content in dark chocolate is very high, compared to fruits containing similar compounds. Dark chocolate contains non-alkalized cocoa which is helpful in preserving the healthy polyphenolic compounds in the human body. Being low in sugar and full of flavonoids, dark chocolate is your preferred anti-ageing food.

2 . Boosts Sexual Health

Dark chocolate is an aphrodisiac. An aphrodisiac is a food, drink or drug that stimulates sexual desire. Dark chocolate not only increases libido but it is also known to be helpful to fight reproductive malfunctions.

3 . Acts As A Stress Buster

Consumption of chocolate increases the content of dopamine in your body which is responsible for inducing feelings of pleasure and happiness. Chocolate also contains magnesium which is an essential mineral required to suppress stress in individuals. Having a piece of chocolate during stressful moments is sure to calm you down for a while.

4 . Reduces Risk Of Heart Diseases

The compounds in dark chocolate are known to prevent oxidation of LDL, in the blood. The cocoa in dark chocolate is found to reduce the risk of cardiovascular death when consumed in moderation over a long period of time. Studies reveal that consumption of dark chocolate lowers the risk of calcified plaques in the arteries.

5 . Improves Brain Function

The flavonoids in dark chocolate are known to activate regions of the brain associated with learning and memory, especially the hippocampus. As it also contains a fair amount of caffeine, it is a brain booster in low doses and enhances your mood, concentration and memory. Research around the benefits of chocolate shows that the antioxidants in chocolate can also help in treating brain-related medical conditions like stroke and dementia.

Overall, when consumed in moderation chocolate can actually prove to be very beneficial for brain, heart, skin and gut. Truly, as Mayans believe, chocolate is the “food of the gods”. So indulge in your favourite dark chocolate and happily let go of the guilt!

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