Chapped Lips? Try These 6 Natural Remedies To Get Rid Of Them!

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Since ages, winters have always gone hand in hand with chilly winds and chapped lips. While everyone suffers from chapped lips to some extent, severe chapping of lips on a continuous basis could be a symptom of an underlying disease or deficiency. Though there are a host of lip balms and petroleum jellies available these days and to your surprise there also exists a wide number of simple home remedies that can be used as a cure for chapped lips.


1 . Aloe vera

-Aloe vera, well known for varied purposes, is beneficial for the skin as well. It is used as part of the formulation of many skin creams.

-In case, you have an aloe plant in your house, just take the gel found inside the leaves and apply is directly. It not only moisturizes lips but fights bacteria as well.

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2 . Glycerine

-Glycerine is very effective in sealing in the moisture of our skin and therefore prevents dryness.

-You can easily purchase pure glycerine and can also try mixing it with equal amount of rose water for a better effect.

3 . Milk Cream

-In case your milk has some amount of fat in it, skim it off when you boil the milk and collect it over a week.

-Milk cream can be used on your lips directly for softening it. You might freeze it for preservation.

4 . Sugar and Honey

-Together, sugar and honey is great as a scrub and is used to remove the dead cells of your lips.

-Mix one teaspoon each of sugar and honey to make the scrub. Apply on your lips and keep it on for a few minutes before scrubbing it off gently using lukewarm water.

5 . Castor oil

-Being a thick oil, castor oil has been found to be useful in healing chapped lips. You can use it on your lips several times a day.

-Also, you can mix castor oil with glycerine and apply it on your lips before you go to sleep for soft lips in the morning.

6 . Coconut oil

Coconut oil is another great option to use on the lips. Since coconut oil solidifies in the winter, it is great to be carried around as a lip balm.

-Coconut oil also protects your lips from the harmful rays of the sun.

So, go ahead, try and give a chance to these natural remedies for healthy, soft and supple lips this winter. Stay Healthy, Stay Happy!

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