Feeling Nauseated? 6 Foods That You Can Try For Instant Relief !

Feeling Nauseated? 6 Foods That You Can Try For Instant Relief

Nausea, one of the most common symptoms of several medical conditions, is characterized by a feeling of unease in the stomach. Common reasons for nausea include indigestion, pregnancy, loose motions and dehydration, hilly terrain or chemotherapy treatment of cancer.

Instead of popping prescription drugs, here are some foods that can help to relieve nausea instantly.

1 . Ginger

Ginger has been a traditional remedy for relieving nausea. It aids the secretion of enzymes and neutralize acids in the stomach and relaxing the stomach muscles. You can take it in any form like ginger ale, raw or powdered ginger or ginger tea.

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2 . Lemon

The refreshing aroma of lemons is an instant remedy to fight nausea. The fresh smell of lemon is used in a number of perfumes and other cleaning products. You can also consume lemon juice by squeezing it in a cup of warm water. Other options may include lemon tea, lemonade, lemon tarts and lemon popsicles.

3 . Crackers (Snack)

The dryness of crackers helps absorb the stomach acids that cause nausea. In fact, it is recommended to have a cracker before going to sleep to avoid morning nausea. It should be a salty and dry cracker. The salt helps restore the sodium that may deplete from the body via vomiting or loose motions.

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4 . Banana

Banana, a rich source of potassium, is a great option to pick when feeling nauseated. The high amounts of potassium help to restore the electrolytic balance of the body, especially in case of dehydration, loose motion or vomiting.

5 . Nuts

Proteins can help you get more energy in a short time and hence protein packed nuts like peanuts and almonds are great snacks to munch on when you are nauseous. You may also pick peanut butter on toast.

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6 . Mint leaves

Mint leaves, instantly refresh you, when added to different drinks can significantly help to relieve symptoms of nausea. You can either directly chew on a few sprigs of mint leaves or drink mint tea. You can also try lemonade with a hint of mint.

So, the next time your stomach decides to spin you, instead of heading to the pharmacy, go to your kitchen to try out these wonderful natural remedies. Keep in mind that for severe cases of dehydration, loose motions or acid reflux, a trip to the doctor might be necessary.

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