6 Ways You Can Help Your Loved Ones Struggling With Mental Illness

World Mental Health Day

As per the statistics of Mental Health Foundation, if left untreated today, Depression could be the leading global cause of illness by 2030. Timely and accurate diagnosis followed by an effective treatment is the only way through which we can halt the rapidly increasing numbers.  In our society, there is a lot of shame and taboo associated with mental illness. Many people suffer in silence and fight their symptoms without seeking help.

On World Mental Health day, take a look at some effective ways to reach out to your close ones coping with mental health issues and how you can make a difference to their lives:

1 . Know About The Signs Of Mental illness

Educating yourself about your loved one’s illness is the foundation of support. Early signs of a mental illness include sleep disturbances, feelings of sadness, hopelessness and low self-esteem, difficulty remembering things, inability to take decisions , lack of concentration,  constant feeling of worry and stress with the inability to relax. The person feels fear and pessimism which is accompanied physical signs like sore muscles, irritability and  twitching.

2 . Get Rid Of The Social Stigma

In our country, there is a stigma associated with mental health illnesses that can prevent families from seeking support.Encourage your loved one to address the issue and assist him/her in seeking medical help. Consult a counselor or doctor if you feel your loved one is finding it hard to cope with the illness.

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3 . Engage Them In Day To Day Activities

The more you involve them in a daily activity, the less are their chances to think negative and feel depressed. Partner with your loved one for an exercise plan, go for walks together or join a reading club.

4 . Treat Them With Respect

People with mental illness feel they’ve lost control of their lives, they feel stigmatized and they suffer the most with self-esteem. Treat them with respect no matter how symptomatic they are.

5 . Encourage Them To Reach Out For Help

The more they are willing to talk about their symptoms and feelings, the better they will feel after discussing them with their counselor.

6 . Convey Hope

Always reassure your loved one that with continued treatment, counselling they can lead a healthy and happy life.

Mental health issues are not a sign of weakness or inability to cope with a certain situation. They are serious health issues and need to be managed just like any other health condition. The support of friends and family is of paramount importance in speeding the recovery and in re-establishing self esteem and self worth. So, this World Mental Health day, look around your selves, and lend a helping hand to a person you think is struggling with these issues. Stay Healthy, Stay Happy with 1mg, best online pharmacy store in india !

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