Young Women At Higher Risk Of Mental Health Issues

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Young women are at highest risk of mental disorders like depression and anxiety, says a study

-Latest research suggests, young women are at an increased risk for mental health problems.

-The National study of Health and Well-being is a survey conducted in England every 7 years since 1993.

-Their latest report is based on research on 7,500 members of the public – just over 300 of them were women aged 16-24.

-The 2014 data showed the gender gap in mental illness had become most pronounced in young people, and had increased since the first survey.

-As per the survey, 1 in every 5 women suffered from a mental health issue as compared to1 in every 8 men.

-Additionally, women were found to manifest high rates of self harm, post traumatic stress disorder and bipolar disorder.

Source: NHS Digital

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