What Is Veganism And What Are Its Health Benefits?

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Veganism involves giving up all things that come from members of the animal kingdom. So, anyone adopting this life-path should start biding adieu to eggs, dairy products, honey, leather goods in addition to consuming meat or its by-products. While being conscious about our environmental balance or propagating animal rights is a novel thing in itself, it does pose a few niggling health issues too.


Here are some amazing health benefits of veganism:

Helps you stay happier: A survey has shown that Vegans are almost 30% ahead in the happiness quotient than the omnivores. The peace of mind that a Vegan diet brings is incomparable.

Aids in weight loss: This is often synonymous with happiness. A vegan diet is usually low on the cholesterol and fat count.

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Reduced risk of heart diseases: A light food habit will contribute a great deal towards lowering the levels of bad cholesterol in your blood. This significantly reduces the chances of strokes and other heart conditions.

Prevents cancer: A Vegan diet, more often than not is loaded with anti-oxidants that reduce free radical damage to our cells. This helps prevent certain forms of cancer like prostate and breast cancer.

Helps control blood pressure and diabetes: Again, the goodness of natural produce cannot be ignored in this regard. A vegan diet is a very powerful tool to control conditions like blood-pressure and blood-sugar.

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Mindfulness is essential for undergoing any change and going Vegan is no exception. Here are some essential things that you must keep in mind:

Find alternate sources of proteins: Our main sources of proteins are different types of meats, eggs and other animal products. So one needs to include plant proteins like soy, beans, lentils in their diet.

Get the doctor to prescribe a Vitamin B12 supplement: This essential Vitamin is only found in foods derived from animals. It is important for maintenance of nerve and blood vessel tissues in our body. So including Vitamin B12 in our Vegan food-plan should not be overlooked.

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Increase your intake of iron-rich vegetables: Since animal foods are a potent source of the mineral iron, one has to substitute it by adding legumes, citrus fruits and a lot of leafy green veggies like spinach, kale, artichokes, broccoli etc. to the plate.

Don’t forget the fats just yet: Going vegan will mean letting go of fat rich ocean fish. So swap them for nuts like almonds that are naturally rich in Omega 3 fatty acids.

Have your calcium supplements: Milk and its by-products are the most important sources of Calcium. So eat your greens and legumes every day to prevent bone damage. Have a doctor prescribed calcium supplement.

So, go ahead and give this dietary regimen a try. Just remember that like all changes this one too takes time and is best tried gradually. Also, things like exercise and avoiding junk food, even the vegan ones are still as important as they would otherwise be. Eat Healthy, Stay Happy with 1mg, most trusted medicine website in India!

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