6 Things To Keep In Mind When Picking A Shampoo

6 Things To Keep In Mind When Picking Up A Shampoo

Shampoos get rid of the dirt or soil in the hair by using a blend of ingredients called surfactants which bind with the dirt and can be easily removed when you wash with water. Shampoos also contain purpose-based ingredients like thickeners, emulsifiers, foaming boosters, scents, and colour additives. It is often easy to guess the ingredients in a shampoo by reading the advertising claims on the label.


1 . Harmful Chemicals

-Watch out for chemicals like Parabens, lauryl sulphate and Sodium chloride. Parabens which are used as preservatives in shampoos contain oestrogens which lead to hair loss.

-Another ingredient – lauryl sulphate -which is an anionic surfactant used in many cleaning and hygiene products can cause hair fall.

-Hair damage can also be due to sodium chloride (better known as table salt) in your shampoos. Sodium chloride is used as a thickener and is the major reason for the dry and itchy scalp.

2 . Volumizers

-It is better to avoid volumizing shampoos as they can eventually speed up hair loss.

-Even if they initially seem to be the same, there lies a big difference between a shampoo that actually helps to grow hair and one that contains volumizers to just give a thick look.

3 . DHT Blockers

-It is widely accepted that a major cause of pattern baldness in men and hair loss in women is DHT(Dihydrotestosterone).

-DHT damages the hair follicles. Look out for shampoos with DHT blockers.

-Herbal shampoos which contain vitamins to form a natural DHT blocker can help to reduce short pattern baldness and improve hair growth.

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4 .  Cayenne

-Cayenne is a powerful hair loss fighting ingredient. Look for this ingredient when choosing a shampoo.

-Cayenne pepper has many medical and hair growth applications. It causes stimulation of the scalp by drawing blood to it and increasing the overall circulation.

5 . Argan Oil 

-If your hair cleaning product contains argan oil, you have already made a good choice.

-Argan oil prevents the shrinking of hair follicles and promotes hair growth in both men and women. It also acts as a moisturiser and fights dandruff.

6 . Organic Products

-And finally, the best way is to switch to the natural method of hair care.

-Organic shampoos contain natural ingredients to strengthen your hair and are sulphate-free and paraben-free.

-They will clean your hair naturally without any permanent damage to your hair.

Pre-soaking your hair is equally important before shampooing. This will ensure that you use just the right amount of shampoo for washing. Give the right time and care to your hair because your hair really deserves the special care!

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