6 Delicious Ways To Include Supergrains In Your Diet

6 Delicious Ways To Include Supergrains In Your Diet

How to Add Delicious Supergrains in Your Diet

What makes the grain ‘super’ is that it is not refined, stripped or processed in a way that takes away most of its protein, vitamins and fibre content. As Indians, we are quite familiar with the Super-Grain family in its natural, wholesome form. Bajra or Millet is a staple in rustic farming families. The other common roti or bread ingredient is Jawar also known as Teff. Other familiar super grains include Jau or Barley and the popular Buckwheat is being consumed by many in our country as Kuttu. The more international or lesser known varieties of Super Grains are Quinoa (grain crop), Freekeh (made from green wheat), Farro (emmer wheat), Amaranth (quinoa-like seed grain) and more.

Here are 7 tasty and interesting ways to bring back super grains and make them a part of your daily diet:

1 . Fresh fritters

Delicious healthy fritters break all beliefs of super grains being tasteless and monotonous. You can use almost any super grain, combine with whole-wheat breadcrumbs, spices and cilantro and shallow fry for a scrumptious snack any time of the day.

2 . Nutritious Pulaos

Instead of traditional Basmati rice, use Quinoa or Freekeh to create the pulao of your choice. Cook the grains first, and then add fresh vegetables, mint, and lime juice to make a super healthy and tasty meal. Serve with mint yoghurt.

3 . Healthy cookies

Homemade cookies or biscuits are a great way to combine the goodness of super grains such as flaxseed or oats with nuts, dry fruits, cinnamon, honey and whole wheat flour. The result is a power-packed, fibre-filled snack or dessert option that individuals of all ages will enjoy.

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4 . Stuffed vegetables

This is a clever way to make family members eat their vegetables and super grains as well, due to the attractive presentation and taste. Cut off the tops of large tomatoes or peppers, empty the insides and mix with cooked barley or quinoa flavoured with spices. Place these in the oven or under the grill for a few minutes and you’ll have delicious little packages of super grain delights ready in no time.

5 . Bountiful salads

The choices available in putting together a super-grain salad are plenty! The popular Lebanese Tabbouleh offers us apt inspiration to make our own concoction. In the way Tabbouleh superbly combines the flavours of cracked wheat and parsley, you can use brown rice, barley or freekeh. Mix these with fresh garden ingredients such as cherry tomatoes, cucumber, raw mango, guava and herbs to create a new salad each day of the week.

6 . Wholesome pastas

Locate super grains pasta in your local supermarket. They are mostly made of quinoa, spelt, amaranth with some rice powder. Keep the preparation low on calories by tossing the pasta in some olive oil, seafood, Italian herbs, lemon juice and serve. This gluten free, energy giving meal is perfect for all seasons.

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