4 Effective Home Remedies For Bleeding Gums

4 Effective Home Remedies For Bleeding Gums

Bleeding gums, especially while brushing, can probably be due to a bacterial infection called gingivitis. The bacterial infection can cause symptoms like bleeding, pain while chewing, swollen gums, loose teeth and persistent bad breath.

Here are some home remedies that you can do to stop your bleeding gums.

1 . Alum mouthwash

Alum, a natural astringent and an antiseptic, helps to tighten gums and reduces the gap between teeth and gums to prevent food deposits in the gums. Unclean and unhygienic gums could lead to gum disease which in turn could lead to bleeding gums.

-Dissolve ¼ teaspoon alum powder in ½ teaspoon glass of water. Use this mix as a mouth wash after meals to remove food particles from gums and to treat bleeding gums.

2 . Clove oil

Clove oil is considered to be one of the best home remedies that help to reduce the inflammation of gums and stops the gums from bleeding to a large extent.

-Take a cotton swab and dip it in clove oil. Gently rub on the gums for a minute or two. Make it a habit of chewing one or two cloves after meals to reduce gum inflammation.

3 . Garlic and honey paste

Garlic is a very powerful antibiotic. When you combine it with honey, it forms a powerful anti-bacterial tonic. This remedy controls bleeding gums if used regularly.

-Mix half a clove of crushed garlic into 1 tablespoon of raw honey and apply the paste to your gums. Leave it on for a few minutes and then rinse your mouth.

4 . Neem

Neem mouth rinse is an effective natural remedy for treating bleeding gums. You can make a neem mouthwash at home.

-Use half a cup of distilled water, 2 teaspoons of baking soda and crushed neem leaves to make the mouthwash. You could also add 2 drops of peppermint oil for fresher breath.

So, go ahead and try these home remedies to get rid of bleeding gums. However, if you continue to notice blood while you brush or floss, it is important that you visit a dentist.


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