6 Superfoods That Help To Keep Your Heart Healthy!

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Heart diseases are a major health concern for today’s working young adults. Owing to our sedentary lifestyle, lack of exercise and unhealthy eating habits, we are more prone to heart ailments. A balanced diet and regular exercise helps in keeping heart diseases away. In addition, here are some foods that are excellent for your heart health:

1 . Garlic

-Consuming raw garlic every day can help to reduce the production of bad cholesterol (LDL), increase the production of good cholesterol (HDL)and also keep blood pressure within normal limits.

-Have 1-2 cloves of raw garlic daily to reap the benefits.

2 . Ginger

-Ginger is believed to be capable of preventing formation of clots, improving blood circulation and lowering LDL cholesterol levels.

-Make ginger a part of your daily cooking. You can add it to tea or lemonade also.

3 . Tomatoes

-Tomatoes are a good source of vitamins and act as a blood purifier.

-Regular consumption of tomatoes is known to reduce the risk of heart diseases.

-Add tomatoes to your salads and sandwiches or have them cooked.

4 . Apples

-Apples contain quercetin a plant pigment with anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

-It also helps in prevention of blood clots.

-Add sliced apple to your breakfast cereal or have it as a snack.

5 . Nuts 

-Among nuts, walnuts are the best for lowering cholesterol since they contain high levels of omega 3 fatty acid.

-Munch on a handful of walnuts daily to give your heart a boost of good health.

-Almonds contain vitamin B17, E and minerals like magnesium, iron, and zinc and are a good source of monounsaturated fats.

-Add almonds to your cereals or have 7-8 almonds a day to keep your heart healthy.

6 . Flax Seeds

-Flax seeds (Alasi) contain an omega 3 fatty acid called alpha-linolenic acid that helps in lowering cholesterol levels and also protects against heart diseases.

-Grind the seeds into a fine powder. Add one tea spoon of this powder to water and have it first thing in the morning daily .

-You can also sprinkle a spoonful of flax seeds to breakfast cereals, chutnies or salads.

So, go ahead and add these heart healthy foods o your daily diet and keep heart diseases at bay. Eat Healthy, Stay Happy!

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