6 Reasons For You To Try Organic Food

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With the growing concerns regarding purity, quality and of course health, there is a huge buzz and traction about organically grown products. We are all enchanted by the magical word and seem to believe that going organic is the way to a better and greener future. Organic vegetables and meats are cultivated or farmed without the aid of chemical pesticides, fertilizers, Genetically Modified organisms (GMO), growth implants or antibiotics.

In addition to maintaining the balance of our eco-system, organic produce has several other benefits:

1 . Loaded With Nutrients

Devoid of chemical additives, organic foods contain a higher percentage of nutrients than their conventionally produced counterparts. Studies have shown that the concentration of Vitamins and certain essential minerals in organic produce it almost 20 % higher than that conventionally produced crops or meat.

2 . Devoid Of Contaminants 

As no insecticides or chemical fertilizers are employed in organic farms, the amount of free radicals contained in organic produce is close to nil. This significantly reduces the chances of skin diseases, premature skin-ageing, cell damage and cancer.

3 . Fresh And Pure 

Since no preservatives are used to lengthen the life of organic foods, more often than not, you can be sure that the organic tomato you just bought has been plucked during the last 24 hours. This implies that there is basically no nutrient loss during transit from the plant to your plate.

4 . Boosts Immunity

A recent comparative study has shown that organic produce contains about 40% more anti-oxidants by weight that their non-organic counterparts which fight cell damage caused by harmful free radicals and strengthens our immune system. It is also worth considering that the free radicals enter our body mainly through the additives contained in conventionally farmed food items.

5 . Tastes Better 

The concentrated nature of organically grown fruits, vegetables and meats significantly increases the intensity of their taste. Simply swapping non-organic produce for organic can help you cook up tastier treats.

6 . Environment Friendly 

Other than these, organic farming is very good for the environment. It basically negates the pollution caused due to the addition of chemical fertilizers and pesticides during non-organic farming. So, it helps to save protect our environment as well.

The organic produce is challenged by a few shortcomings such as labour-intensive cultivation methods, low shelf-life and high prices making the organic foods affordable for a select section of the society only.

So, go ahead and try going organic and help in making your life healthier. Eat Healthy, Stay Healthy with 1mg.

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