Partied Hard? Kick Start The Year With These Detox Drinks

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The whole world welcomes the new year with new promises, hopes and expectations. An integral part of the new year celebrations involves overindulgence in food and drinks. While moderation should be the key as you usher in the new year, here are some refreshing drinks you can have to get back on track and start the year on a healthy note:

1 . Lemon Juice

-Wash away the effects of alcohol, sugar and salt with some lemon juice.

-Lemon helps to cleanse toxins, boost immunity, restores normal kidney and liver function.

-It also contains pectin which supports digestion.

-Squeeze in the juice of half a lemon in a glass of warm water and drink it up. Add a bit of honey in case it tastes too strong but avoid sugar.

2 . Cucumber Juice

-Enriched with several vitamin and minerals like potassium, Vitamin A, Vitamin K and lots of dietary fiber, cucumbers are a soothing balm to the body.

-It also contains polyphenols that help in controlling the damage caused by oxidative stress.

-Anti-microbial properties make mint one of the best ingredients to add flavour to a detox drink.

-You can blend the cucumber in a mixer and have it straight or strained. In case you want to add some flavor, add a dash of mint.

3 . Green Tea

-The numerous benefits of green are well known.

-The anti-oxidants help repair the damage caused to your tissues by free radicals.

-It also helps lower blood pressure, cholesterol levels and boosts memory.

-It is easy to prepare by soaking the tea leaves or tea bags in hot water for a half a minute.

4 . Aloe Vera Juice

-Aloe vera juice contains vitamins like E, A, C and B12, antioxidants, potassium, magnesium and zinc, making it the perfect choice for a detox drink.

-Aloe vera juice can be made easily at home by cutting the aloe leaf horizontally and scooping out the clear gel carefully.

-You can mix two tablespoons of the gel with lemon juice, orange juice or even plain water.

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5 . Apple Cider Vinegar

-Apple cider vinegar has properties that help in improving digestion and restoring the pH balance of the body.

-It also helps in controlling the acid reflux syndrome which occurs due to acute indigestion.

-It restores normal functioning of lymphatic system.

-You can add 1 teaspoon apple cider to a glass of warm water. Use a bit of honey, pepper, ginger and cinnamon for flavour.

So, go ahead and try these refreshing detox drinks and start this new year on a healthy note. Stay Healthy, Stay Happy!

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