6 Natural Remedies For Minor Skin Burns

6 Natural Remedies For Minor Skin Burns

There is no escaping the might of fire. From wildfires to minor superficial burns, fires have always been a boon and a bane that we can never do without. Thankfully, nature is bounteous and has provided us with the antidote to every injury. Here are some natural remedies that are helpful in minor burns:

1 . Ice

It is a truth that has been known for centuries: Ice and fire have always been sworn Use the ice as your ally to fight the sting of a burn. But, be careful. Ice, if applied directly can do more harm by severing the burn. Instead use it indirectly by using it as an ice pack, or wrapped by a soft cloth of cotton.

2 . Aloe Vera

The pulpy, green Aloe Vera is a much-loved ingredient in medication and cosmetics. The pulp of this plant is enriched by astringent properties that are known to heal tissues. Use Aloe Vera on affected area to ease the severity of the burn and gradually heal the injury.

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3 . Coconut Oil

The coconut is perhaps the most efficiently utilized plant there is. Coconut oil has been used in cookery, as a makeup remover, as a sunscreen, and so much more. Because of its mildness on the skin, it can effectively heal superficial burns. Coconut oil is rich in Vitamin E and fatty acids, thus lending it properties that can heal superficial burns. It has antioxidant and antifungal properties and is also known to lighten the burn scars over a period of time.

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4 . Honey

The culmination of the love between bees and flowers, honey is as sweet in utility as in taste. It is a powerful disinfectant that arrests the infection of wounds. Honey is also antibacterial and shields the wound from infection as it heals. Its anti-inflammatory property makes it an excellent home remedy to treat superficial burns. Applying honey over a period of time also reduces the chances of hypertrophic scars.

5 . Raw Potatoes

The sting of the burn is not the only thing that is painful, the ugly water-filled blisters that follow can be worse. Thankfully, your kitchen has the right home remedy for blisters too. Raw potatoes are extremely soothing on the skin and reduce the harshness of minor burns. Potatoes are also blessed with anti-inflammatory properties and reduce the chances of blisters to a great extent. Cut a slice of raw potato and rub it gently on the burn. The released juices will heal the severity of the burn.

6 . Onion

-Every household has onions aplenty in their kitchens. The next time you get your hands on that hot pan, just grab an onion and release the juices onto your skin. Onions have been proven to be rich in sulphur compounds and quercetin that can help to heal superficial burns. Onion juice is also an effective pain reliever and lowers the occurrence of blisters.

Try these remedies for superficial burns, for severe burns, it is recommended that you consult a doctor for the best treatment.

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