6 Indian Foods To Avoid While On A Weight Loss Regimen!

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When on a diet plan, losing weight seems to be the toughest thing on earth. More so when we are so fond of the snacks that seem so harmless but are actually an impediment to a healthy diet plan. Blinded with the thought of loosing, we fail to understand the importance of knowing what food to avoid during the weight loss process.


Here are a few Indian foods that are an absolute no if you are seriously wanting to lose those extra kilos.

1 . Bhujia

-Considered to be amongst the common picks during work hours, Bhujia and other packaged snacks, are deep fried in oil and they also contain high amount of salt and preservatives.

-Frequent intake of these items as snacks makes you crave for them even more and you end up consuming huge amounts of calories.

2 . Samosa/ Kachori

-Deep fried and high on salt, these render no nutritional benefit to your body. They simply help to add on to the fat levels in your body.

-To add to this, generally eaten as an evening snack, it leaves the body with very little time to burn down the fat before bedtime leading to fatigue and uneasiness when you rise the next day.

3 . Ladoos

-Difficult to avoid especially if you have a sweet tooth, consuming sugary foods has more implications than just being bad for teeth or adding to bodily fat.

-High sugar gives rise to high insulin in the body which helps to absorb sugar quickly. So much so that you are left hungry yet again and you start craving for the same sweet snacks instantly.

-It leads you into a vicious cycle of eating and you end up consuming more than you can sweat out.

4 . Parantha

-While on a diet, try to avoid the white flour. A lot of oil and white flour goes into making a single tasty and soft parantha.

-White flour is considered to be an enemy when fighting obesity. Almost stripped of all nutrients during the processing, white flour can offer you only empty calories.

5 . Chole Bhature

-Chole Bhature, a favourite for many of us, is another snack which can stack to your fat levels quite quickly

-While it not only increases levels of bad cholesterol in the body, it can also make you feel lazy and screw up your gym plans.

6 . Jalebi

-Jalebis, most loved and preferred snacks for the evenings, are high on sugar and fat. The unhealthy profile of this snack is often ignored when compared the fact that they are high both in fat and sugar.

-Deep fried in oil and then immersed in sugary syrup till it soaks the syrup completely, a single serving is enough to spike up sugar levels and bad cholesterol in the body.

So, go ahead and be well-informed of the ill effects of these snacks when you strive to maintain a healthy diet plan. Make sure you replace these snacks with whole grains, legumes, sprouts, honey and fruits and speeden your weight loss regimen. Stay Happy, Stay Healthy!

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