12 Breast Feeding Facts every mother should know

Breast Feeding facts

By Dr. Amrinder Bajaj, MBBS MD Gynae. & Obs., Head of the Dept Max Hospital (Pitampura)

  • Breast feeding should be started within the first 30-60 minutes of birth.
  • The thick yellow initial secretion (Colostrum) should not be discarded as it is rich proteins, vitamin A, prevents the development of allergies, and contains antibodies that protect the baby from infections.
  • The newborn should not be given honey, water or any other fluid other than the breast milk
  • Baby should be breast fed on demand every 2-3 hours devoting 10-15 minutes to each breast.
  • Baby should be properly latched to the breast. Part of the areolar (the black area behind the nipple) should be in his mouth.
  • The baby should be exclusively breast feed for at least 6 months
  • Breast feeding helps in better mental development of the baby
  • It reduces risk of ear infections, chest infections, diabetes and skin rashes
  • It helps in strong bonding between mother and child
  • It leads to lesser pain and bleeding after delivery
  • It helps the mother in losing weight fast.
  • Breast feeding protects the mother against breast cancer and ovarian cancer

It’s Breast Feeding week, so share these facts with your friends and family.

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15 thoughts on “12 Breast Feeding Facts every mother should know

  1. Kapil

    I find all the articles very informative n useful. Bt somehow i missed article on bone-mass. Plz repeat.

  2. semu

    Breast feeding being the basic right of a new born would surely help in developing healthy children. Thanx.

  3. राकेश कुमार

    it is very usfull to new born baby for totaly health phisical & mently health dewolpment.
    thanks for kind infirmation

  4. Dr.Makar

    This is an excellent collection of breastfeeding tips for expectant and new mothers. I commend Dr. Bajaj on this very useful compilation and lookforward to similar great articles soon.

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