7 Ways To Handle Your Child’s Temper Tantrums


Everyone who has children will agree that the joy of seeing your little one growing with each passing day is rewarding and blissful.The transition from crawling to sitting to walking to running is exciting for children and parents alike.These fascinating times will also bring frustration when your little one starts to throw a temper tantrum.

For your child, a tantrum may be a way to show their frustration, anger, anxiety or fear. For an adult, it essentially means a time to gather your patience and understanding to help your little one.You can learn to deal with child tantrums if you avoid some of these commonly made mistakes which can worsen a child’s temperament:

1 . Do Not Over React

Don’t react to a tantrum angrily. That is the worst way of dealing with a tantrum. Anger is very infectious and your child will learn to resort to anger when it comes to handling situations he/she cannot understand how to deal with.

2 . Avoid Arguing

Never try to handle an ongoing tantrum with argument because you will never win. You may save the discussions for later. All your child needs now is a vent out for his/her feelings and your capacity to understand his feelings

3 . Give Them Time To Settle

It’s perfectly okay if you cannot pacify him/her immediately. Within some time the child calms down and eventually breaks down into sobs. That is the time to take them into your arms, calm them down and give them time to explain what the issue is.

4 . Stay Calm

Trying to grab your child during a tantrum may be dangerous and they may get hurt when they are trying to pull away from you. Instead stay where you are, soften your stance and use a calm voice to ask them what the matter is.

5 . Reason it Out Later

It would be very unwise to punish or otherwise reward your child for throwing tantrums. A child cannot identify your punishment with bad behavior. Instead of learning, it would make your child resentful and sad. Once the child is calm, take him/her to a silent corner and reason things out to him/her. Making children aware of their actions in a subtle manner can help them to reason out things as they grow.

6 . Stick To Your Opinion

It is important to stick to your opinions but in a calm manner. For example a temper tantrum at mealtimes to go out has to be dealt with, if you give in and allow the child to play at mealtimes, the child will throw tantrums in future for all desires. Let him/her calm down and then tactfully divert the idea of the park with something interesting which can be done indoors.

7 . Conisder Professional Counselling

Identify the need to seek counseling when mere advice and patience won’t help your child. There are cases such as when toddlers who come back home after a long time spent abroad and cannot cope with our lifestyle. There are also cases when a newborn may change the attitude of parents towards the elder one and suddenly he feels grown-up even though he is so small. In these and many other cases, suitable counseling will immensely help you and your child.

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Tantrums are a part of your child’s growing process and the more you learn to handle them in your own simple way, the more life becomes easier for you and your kid, no matter what his age.Be patient with your child and be a parent on whom he/she can rely whether it is anger or fear that he/she wants to express through tantrums.Most importantly, never ever be disrespectful towards your child. Treat them as equals and you will see them grow into independent and loving individuals!

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