5 Simple Ways To Keep Insects Away This Monsoon Season

5 Simple Ways To Keep Insects Away This Monsoon Season

Every season brings with it some form of insect attack! Summers means mosquitoes, ants, and even spiders in some places while the monsoon encourages termites and bed bugs. Of course, cockroaches can be a year-round problem to deal with.Keeping your house free from these pests is vital to the health and hygiene levels of your environment. If there are babies or younger children in your home, it becomes imperative to ensure there are no unwanted bugs entering your premises that can cause infection and diseases.

There are a few ways to keep insects away, some natural and others more severe.

Here are 5 tips that address all common insect issues:

1 . Eliminate stagnant water pools

This could be pertaining to your housing society or immediate home. Stagnant water is the perfect breeding ground for all types of insects, especially mosquitoes. Damp, dark areas also encourage mosquitoes to dwell and multiply. Keep your bathroom and balcony areas dry as often as possible. Avoid collecting water in empty pots or containers around the house. If water tends to gather in any corner of your bathroom or kitchen, re-check the surface levelling or drain, soak it up after use.

2 . Keep your house clean

Thorough cleaning of drains, pipes, cabinets, floors, and ceilings is the most effective way to keep insects out. Check for cobwebs or cockroach eggs and if you must, utilise professional pest control services to get rid of them quickly! Old wooden or ply furniture, fixtures, built in cupboards, drawers and closets need to be checked for termites and treated in time. Keep your kitchen clean by wiping down the counter after dinner and rinsing the dishes before placing them in the sink.

3 . Try natural methods

Once your home is clean, keep away insects by spraying eucalyptus, lavender or peppermint on carpets, sofas or beds. These will block insects from coming near and keep your home smelling fresh and beautiful. To keep your clothes safe from cockroaches, mix besan, boric powder, and sugar water to make small balls. Keep these among your clothes. Also, air out or sun your clothes, blankets, curtains and other fabrics regularly.

4 . Use pesticides and repellents

Pest control companies use insecticides to treat serious problems. Massive cockroach or rodent issues need such measures. When getting the pest control done in your home, make sure you cover all the rooms, including bedrooms, bathrooms, and balconies. Even if you are unable to see insects or insect eggs, doesn’t mean they aren’t there. Insect repellents such as sprays or body lotions can be used as temporary but effective solutions.

5 . Block and secure

Make your home insect proof. Install screens or meshes on your windows and doors. Patch up any open vents, chimneys or access points from which insects or rodents can enter. Keep the screens closed post sunset as this is when insects, attracted to indoor light, will tend to enter. Also, block your drains and sinks with good quality strainers or screens. Try all of these and your home will be insect-free all year round.

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