Did You Know How Ice Is So Good For Your Skin?

Did You Know How Ice Is So Good For Your Skin?

Skin icing is gaining much popularity for younger looking, blemish-free skin and with good reasons too. This easy, affordable and natural remedy can be utilised for most skin conditions such as pimples, inflammation, and wrinkles or sagging. Problems related to sunburn, under eye puffiness and dark circles, can also be treated with the simple application of ice. But before you begin using ice, it may help to know all the ways in which ice can work like magic for your skin:

Improves blood circulation

Applying ice to the skin, the low temperature restricts blood flow which can, in turn, reduce inflammation. Once the ice is removed, the warmer temperature sends a fresh flow of blood to the affected area, clearing toxins along the way. This results in an instant glow to your face. Regular icing over a longer period of time can prevent wrinkles and sagging. For an easy, low cost freshening up option, apply ice!

Soothes swelling and inflammation

Acne, pimples, heat rashes and stings can be easily treated with ice. Ice is cooling and calms down the inflammation and acts as an effective relieving agent. Ice also soothes tired looking skin and clears dark circles. Ice proves to be useful in cases of sunburn as it cools and calms down the affected area and reduces pain and discomfort considerably. Icing also heals wounds and cuts.

Reduces enlarged pores

Ice minimises skin pores and stops excessive oil production. This reduces oiliness and prevents acne and blackheads.  Ice has a tightening effect on the skin. Regular icing over affected areas can end up in clearer, younger looking skin in just a few days.

Cools the skin down

Instead of consuming ice cubes and risking damage to your throat, wrap ice in a wash cloth and apply it to your skin surface. Dip some cotton balls into ice water, squeeze them and then place on your closed eyelids for instant relief from heat induced discomfort. The ice will not only cool down your body temperature, it will also lift tiredness and dullness from your skin and general self. Ice is very helpful for women experiencing heat flashes during pregnancies or menopause.

Creates a barrier between the skin and the makeup

Applying ice on the face constricts pores and creates a barrier on your skin surface that prevents makeup from seeping in. You also get better makeup results as a smoother skin surface means an easier application of foundation and other cosmetics. Your make up will also tend to last longer as it won’t get a chance to disappear from your face!

Reduces signs of ageing

Beauty experts have been using ice facials to prevent ageing for quite a long time. You don’t need to head to a parlour each time you need to treat your skin. Apply ice cubes with rose water or lavender oil before sleeping or just before you apply makeup. Either way, the benefits will be highly evident. Ice rejuvenates as it gives a boost to blood circulation while helping to reduce fat and wrinkling.

Always remember, however, to never apply ice directly to your skin, especially where it is thin. Always keep the ice cubes out for a while and then wrap in a soft cloth before they come into contact with your skin.


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