Simple Exercises After Menopause Could Help Prevent Diabetes And Heart Diseases!

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Minimal and simple exercise regimen may help to prevent weight gain and other lifestyle diseases in women post menopause.

-Published medical literature has alreday pointed to the importance of metabolic functions in women post menopause in the prevention of heart diseases and other lifestyle diseases such as type II diabetes

-In furtherance to these studies, researchers from the University of Missouri, suggested not an intense workout regimen but minimal exercise regimen was good enough to regulate insulin levels and other metabolic functions in the body.

-Study suggested that exercise (even a simple routine walk or jog) was found to play a vital role for less active women, by keeping them more active, after entering menopause.

-Researchers recommend women in menopausal age group to  to go for simple physical activities such as regular walks with friends, taking stairs compared to elevator and joining fitness courses.

Source: University of Missouri Health, USA

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