High Blood Pressure? 7 Foods To Stay Away From!

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Affecting approximately every third person in India, Hypertension (high blood pressure) is a common lifestyle problem in India. Unhealthy eating habits, day-to-day stress, sedentary lifestyle and inactivity are few of the leading causes of the disease. Here is a list of foods that people with hypertension should avoid.  

1 . Excess Salt

-According to the American Heart Association, one should restrict salt intake to less than 6 gm/day to lower risk of blood pressure and heart diseases

-Prepare salads using fresh fruits and veggies. This directly decreases the extra intake of salt compared to frozen or canned fruits/ veggies.

-Stay away from food items such as cheese, which may not taste very salty, but are a source of added sodium. Avoid adding additional salt to your salads and side dishes.

2 . Pickles and Papads

-Every community in India cherishes its specialty pickle overlooking the disadvantages that it offers. They serve as a rich source of salt and sodium, which when added to the pickle acts as a preservative. 

-Alike pickles, papads too are loaded with salt. Though happen to satisfy the cravings of your taste buds, but are totally unhealthy.

3 . Sugar

-Foods packed with sugars add extra calories to your diet and lead to weight gain and needless to say, obesity itself is one of the major risk factors of hypertension.

-It is recommended to take no more than 5-6 teaspoons of sugar for an adult a day.

-Make sure you read the food labels on every food or grocery (such as tomato sauce, salad dressings, condiments) you purchase. These food additives serve as a rich source of sugar and salt.

4 . Canned and Processed Foods 

-Be it soups, sauces, juices, fruits, meats, all are high-sodium devils. Handy and a saviour at the time of crunching and snacking, but they completely unhealthy for hypertension patients.

-Canned and processed foods have been found to be high on salt, preservatives and transfat, which is a big NO for patients with hypertension.

5 . Excess Alcohol

-Alcohol acts as a double-edged sword for the hypertensive patients. When consumed in moderate amounts it helps in reducing your blood pressure, whereas, excess of alcohol can increase your blood pressure.

-Alcohol also disrupts and prevents the efficient working of the medicines.

-Excess of alcohol has also been found to be a major reason for weight gain.

6 . Caffeinated Drinks 

-Caffeinated drinks such as colas, soda, energy drinks or coffee, have been found to spike the blood pressure.

-If you are amongst those who would start their day with a morning cup of coffee, and have blood pressure, it is time to change this routine. Instead, replace your morning cup of coffee with green tea and reap its countless benefits.

7 . Fried Foods 

-French fries topped with additional salt, serves best as a snack for you, but is amongst the worst snacks to pick if you have hypertension.

-Replace your snacking with healthy small eats such as unsalted nuts, salads and roasted namkeens.

So, go ahead and maintain a healthy lifestyle by including an exercise regimen, avoiding these unhealthy snacks and including some greens and healthy foods to your daily routine. Stay Healthy, Stay Happy!

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