5 Nuts That May Add Healthy Years To Your Life!

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A happy life, is less to do only with the years you live, but with the years you lived healthy. Experts advise you to have a balanced diet that includes balanced portions of fruits, green leafy vegetables, nuts and ofcourse lots of fluids. But were you aware of the fact, that there are nuts that could add years to your life.

Here are a few nuts that could help you live longer and healthier:

1 . Peanuts

-Peanuts, considered to be a good snacking option, is also nutritionally very rich. Peanuts are a rich source of plant based proteins, magnesium and different forms of vitamin B.

-Peanuts have been found to naturally cholesterol and promote cardiovascular health.

2 . Walnuts

-Walnuts, the brain fruit, is delicious and considered to be healthy for the human body. Walnuts are a rich source of dietary fiber (3 grams), 19 essential vitamins and minerals such as Vitamin A, E, magnesium, phosphorus and zinc.

-Walnuts possess excellent antioxidant capacity and anti-inflammatory properties. They help in reducing a variety of chronic diseases such as cancer, heart diseases, Alzheimer’s and vision loss.

3 . Pistachios

-Pistachios, the best dry fruit for weight watchers, are low in calories and fats. It is a storehouse of several nutrients and vitamins such as Vitmain B6, copper and manganese.

-Pistachios help to promote heart health, weight management and also has been found to lower mortality rate.

4 . Almonds

-Almonds, the dry fruit that has been since ages believed to increase memory, is a preferred choice for many. Almonds are a rich source of proteins (6 grams), fiber (4 grams) and several other nutrients such as calcium.

-Almonds have been found to be beneficial to managing weight, promoting heart health and improving memory.                                                                 

5 . Hazelnuts

-Hazelnuts, also called cobnuts, are amongst the most commonly enjoyed flavors for desserts and chocolates. Hazelnuts are a rich source of fiber, copper, magnesium, thaimin and vitamin E.

-Hazelnuts have been found to be beneficial in lowering cholesterol and triglycerides. Enriched with anti-inflammatory properties, they also help to promote heart health.

Each of these nuts have diverse health benefits to offer that shall not just add years but healthy years to your life, Eat Well, Stay Happy!

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