Heavy Snowfall Found To Be Linked With Heart Attack In Men!

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Recent research suggests that men are likely to be at a higher risk of a heart attack in countries that experienced major snowstorms. 

-The study, conducted by the researchers in Quebec, examined the pooled the data that included close to 128,073 hospital admissions and 68,155 heart attacks in Quebec over a period of 1981-2014.

-To understand the effect of incessant snowing and snowstorms on the health of the individuals, the study focused on the data across from November to April.

-Men accounted for close to 62% of the hospital admissions and 57% of the deaths during that period. One-third of the total heart attacks happened on the day following a snowfall.

-The study also suggested that both quantity and duration of the snowfall were associated with the increased risk of heart attacks in men compared to the women.

-On days when it snowed for 24 hours, men were at 8% higher risk of being victimized by a heart attack and 12% higher risk of dieing due to a heart attack compared to when it did not snow.

-Findings were published in Canadian Medical Association Journal

Source: The Canadian Medical Association Journal

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