Coriander (Dhaniya): 6 Surprising Health Benefits It Offers!

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Whether salsa or a simple salad, this aromatic herb Coriander or cilantro, is the first choice for garnishing food. Even though we mainly use the leaves of coriander, the entire plant is edible. The thin stems of coriander can add a tantalizing aroma to your recipes. Cilantro is planted most commonly in the tropical countries during late spring because the herb cannot survive harsh climates.

Here are a few common yet very useful health benefits that coriander leaves provide us with:

1 . Aids Digestion

-Apart from its uses as a common flavoring agent, coriander has many medicinal uses. The essential oils in the leaves make sure that your body secretes enough enzymes to properly digest the food.

-Children who regularly suffer from minor stomach pains can immensely benefit from this herb if used regularly in small quantities in their food. Coriander can also help to get rid of intestinal gas or flatulence.

2 . Regulates Insulin Levels 

-Coriander exerts a stimulating effect on the endocrine glands due to which the secretion of insulin is increased from pancreas. This helps to eventually increase the insulin level in the blood.

-For patients suffering from diabetes, coriander can help to regulate the assimilation and absorption of sugar in the blood very effectively.

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3 . Promotes A Healthy Heart

-Coriander leaves are rich in potassium. Research shows that low potassium is often associated with heart ailments like high blood pressure. Using coriander in your diet can help to reduce heart related issues in patients suffering from hypertension.

4 . Treats Mouth Ulcers

-Coriander is a rich source of vitamin C. Regular consumption can reduce vitamin C deficiency related diseases like mouth ulcers.

-Additionally, other components in coriander like citronelol acts like an antiseptic.These components have a healing effect which treat any wound or ulcers and keep them from worsening.

5 . Relieves Arthritis Pain  

-Researchers have found that coriander stops the release of chemicals which are responsible for swelling of joints in the body.

-Not only as a food flavoring agent, coriander can be also made into a paste and consumed. This is especially useful for elders who usually complain of joint pain.

6 . Treats Diarrhea

-Coriander contains a compound called borneol, which is known to be an effective remedy in diarrhea.

-A stomach upset can ruin your whole day. Coriander along with mint in your summer drinks to have a happy stomach.

For ages, coriander is believed to be an all-natural solution to several common problems. No wonder why this herb can be seen in many Indian, Mexican and Thai dishes. So, go ahead and spice up your recipes with it. Eat Healthy, Stay Happy!

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