Bikram Yoga: Health Benefits And Things To Keep In Mind

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Yoga is a health practice accepted by the world and one that has been followed for about 5000 years.About 3 decades ago, Yoga guru Bikram Choudhury gave it a ‘hot’ twist and created the Bikram Yoga. He formulated a Yoga routine consisting of 26 poses or asanas to be practiced in a room where temperatures range between 37 to 40 degree Celsius and the humidity stays at 40%. Slowly the Western world has warmed up to it and it has spread over the world in the last few years. A typical session is performed under the supervision of an instructor and lasts no lesser than 90 minutes.


There are several benefits of this Yoga form, some of which are:

1 . Detoxifies Your Body

Sweating a lot flushes out toxins through the skin and pertains a healthy glow to the skin.

2 . Reduces Stress And Anxiety

A session of Bikram Yoga relaxes the mind and refreshes the body. The body produces endorphins that leave you feeling great even after the session is over.

3 . Improves Blood Circulation

The yoga postures combined with the outside heat improves blood flow to all organs of the body

4 . Promotes Weight Loss

A Bikram Yoga session will help you shed more weight than a normal Yoga routine owing to the outside heat

5 . Improves Strength And Flexibility

The 26 yoga asanas have been scientifically chosen and placed in order for the body to reap maximum benefits in terms of increasing strength and flexibility


A Bikram Yoga session cannot be practiced at home, however, don’t fret just yet as there are over 25 centres in India where you can undertake this work out. Since it is considerably different than the usual stuff, there is a definite need to be prepared.

-Drink a lot of water beforehand. Bikram Yoga includes some serious sweating and hence drinking water infused with salt and sugar helps maintain the body’s electrolyte balance during the sessions.

– Eating right enhances the effectiveness of any workout routine and Bikram yoga is no exception. Eat light about half an hour before your session.

-This is hot yoga so comply while you are dressing for it. Wear minimal but comfortable clothing that lets the skin breathe.

– It takes more effort than your regular morning Yoga routine as it includes heavy sweating for an hour and half.

-It is advisable that you should not go overboard. Stop when your body says so.

-The chance of injury is also prevalent as the ligaments are often stretched beyond their capacity during hot yoga.So do your research in choosing the Yoga center before you enroll yourself in any.

Although the long term benefits are not dramatically different from the regular yoga, if you have been practicing regular yoga for sometime now, it is a good change to give Bikram Yoga a try. Stay Healthy, Stay Happy with 1mg, India’s best online drug store !

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