5 Effective Hair Care Tips Recommended By Experts

Hair Care Tips by Experts

Hair Care Tips As Per Experts

If we were to trace numbers for common health concerns that are disturbing and commonly hit the masses irrespective of the ongoing seasons, hair loss would surely top the charts. There are many factors that contribute to hair fall like our lifestylethe food that we choose to eat, the inherited genes or the products that we purchase? It is saddening that 9 out 10 Indians are protein deficient. In a study, subjects with hair loss were found to be deficient of amino acids and micronutrients. Studies in the past have revealed that Indians who suffered from hair loss, were deficient in essential amino acids among others. In parallel, a noticeable proportion of people with hair loss reported low levels of alanine, cysteine, zinc, and iron. Together, these findings clearly outlined the importance of nutrition (especially amino acids) in maintaining healthy hair. With a major proportion of the population being vegetarians, we are more prone to hair damage and hair fall. And if you are not lucky with genetically healthy hair, what’s the best you could do for your tresses? Read on to find out:

1 . Have A Protein Rich Diet

A healthy human requires close to 0.8 g of protein per kg body weight for an adequate and efficient functioning of the body system.

Add hair healthy foods such as green vegetables, soy products, milk products, nuts, seeds and lentils to your daily diet. You can also add a dash of vitamin E rich foods such as almonds, walnuts, or strawberries which improve scalp circulation and aid hair growth.

In addition, there are unique supplements designed which serve as a perfect combination of both essential & non-essential amino acids, vitamins, minerals & natural extracts that help to build healthy hair. These can be added to your daily routine. These should be used for a minimum of three months or as recommended by your dermatologist.

2 . Drink Plenty Of Water

Did you know, hair strands are made up of vital nutrients and minerals that can alone be replenished by “Water”. This is the next thing that you must try.

Keep your body hydrated. Water plays a very important role in the circulation of key nutrients and minerals that are responsible for healthy hair. So, from today itself, make sure you carry a bottle with you not only to beat the heat but also to keep your body hydrated.

3 . Learn Ways To Ward Off Stress

Stress and worry will only make it worse. Stress is among the first triggers for hair fall; therefore, curb it right away. Stress counters all the benefits that you may be expected to fetch from a nutrient rich diet or topical preparation. A happier you is what is needed in the first place!

4 . Choose The Right Haircare Products

Once you have worked on the core, that is the body, half the job is done. The remaining half is best done by choosing your products right. Surprisingly, the only organ system of the body that grows at half an inch in a month, is your hair (with an exception of the bone marrow). Hence, fuel the system well, and it is surely going to win.

The products (be it Shampoo, Hair Oils, Lotions, and Serums) that you choose to apply on your mane, is what you have to be cautious of! The market has several unique topical preparations that nourish, stimulate and strengthen hair growth.

Some of the product innovations such as Folliserum is a combination of unique Pentactives containing Procapil, Melatonin, Adenosine, and Coccocin. These ingredients help to strengthen the hair by stimulating blood supply to hair follicles and reduces miniaturisation. They increase collagen and laminin that thickens the hair and improves the overall hair health.

Melatonin helps reduce hair loss and promotes new hair growth. Hair growth serums provide benefit to people suffering from hair fall. These are recommended along with Minoxidil to complement the treatment.

Leading dermatologist, Dr Souvik Sardar, from Ruby General Hospital (Kolkata), suggests that “the choice of your shampoo should depend on how much oil the scalp produces and how much dust the scalp accumulates. Pick a shampoo, keeping in mind these key parameters.”

5 . Use Styling Tools With Caution

Using styling tools like blow dryers and hair straighteners too often damages the hair and leads to dull hair and hair fall. The excessive heat and harsh chemicals can damage the hair permanently.

Dr Sardar believes that the growing parlour addiction amongst the youngsters is also a key reason for the increasing cases of hair fall and loss. Therefore, if you are hitting the parlour too often to get those curls using a heat rod or get rid of the frizz, make sure you cut that down.

It is advised to practice a hair care regimen that includes effective cleansing (shampoo), nourishment (eating healthy) and conditioning (hair serums and lotions) of the hair. Easier to apply, quick in application, easy accessibility unlike purity of essential oils, make the hair serums and lotions user compliant.

So, make sure you pick your products wisely, considering your hair type, and follow a hair care regime religiously, for a combination of efforts and perseverance shall only pay. Compliance is the key. Eat right, Drink a lot of water, Do not stress and Choose your products wisely. With all these deeper insights and information….Embark on your Journey of Healthy Locks, Healthy Hair.

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