10 Skincare Steps To Radiate Confidence This Festive Season

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Amidst numerous social commitments in the festive season, maintaining a skincare regimen can be challenging. The temptation of midnight snacking coupled with insufficient sleep can deprive your skin of its glow when you need it the most.

To help you avoid those last-minute party pop-up pimples, here’s an easy, effective step-by-step skincare routine to follow this festive season:

1. Start Right With Cleansing: A facial cleanser is essential, especially during festive seasons, as it clears dirt, makeup, and impurities, creating a clean canvas. Festive activities can expose your skin to makeup, pollutants, and late nights, making your skin look dull. Choosing a facial cleanser that strikes a balance between being gentle enough for daily use and still highly effective at removing impurities is essential. This ensures your skin remains clean and nurtured, ready to shine throughout the festivities. Do not forget to Double Cleanse! Use an oil-based makeup remover to effectively remove makeup, followed by a cleanser to remove dirt and impurities from your skin.

Pro tip: Opt for a gentle yet effective daily facial cleanser to maintain clear, healthy skin. Choose from a diverse range of cleansers here!

2. Do Not Skip Exfoliation: Exfoliation is essential for a smoother and radiant complexion. Exfoliating twice weekly boosts your skin’s vitality and cell renewal and improves circulation while removing dead skin cells. Remember, ‘less is more’ when using a face scrub, as excessive scrubbing can harm your skin. Furthermore, exfoliation enables better absorption of skincare products like serums and moisturizers, ensuring they have a more significant impact during the festive season. Try mCaffeine Naked & Raw Coffee Face Scrub to reveal smoother skin for a gentle yet effective option. For a wide range of facial scrubs or exfoliators, check here.

3. Join The Icy Bandwagon: Ice cubes help soothe and refresh your skin while minimizing pore size and enhancing blood circulation. Whether in the morning or right after removing your makeup, this refreshing practice can add that picture-perfect radiant glow to your skin! However, individuals with migraines, sinus problems, and headaches shall refrain from practicing this.

4. Revitalize Your Skin with Sheet Masks: Korean skincare has gained widespread recognition for its comprehensive and distinctive approach. Among the essentials, the sheet mask, packed with skin-nourishing ingredients like vitamin C or hyaluronic acid, has been known to boost hydration and revitalization. Coupled with a retinol serum, it can provide dual benefits of anti-aging and nourishment. Sheet masks are excellent short-term solutions for addressing minor skincare concerns like dry patches, inflammation, or redness, especially when combined with other skincare products.

Made with the perfect blend of natural ingredients, try Mamaearth Ubtan Bamboo Sheet Mask for Smooth, Supple, and Plump Skin.

5. Massage Your Face Once a Day: The importance of a face massage often goes underestimated during festive celebrations. Consider incorporating a facial serum like, Plum Mandarin & Vitamin C 15% enriched with beneficial ingredients like vitamin C and various antioxidants. If you own a jade roller, it can be an excellent tool to gently massage the oil or serum into your skin for added benefits. This soothing practice awakens your skin, boosting blood flow and oxygen delivery for rejuvenation.

Revitalize your skincare routine with Facial Oils and Serums. Check out here.

6. Layer Up With The Right Moisturizer: After cleansing, moisturize to avoid stripping it of essential oils or causing dryness. Consider using a lightweight, water-based moisturizer like Lacto Calamine Oil Balance Lotion with Kaolin Clay. It effectively retains hydration without feeling heavy on your skin. You can explore more options here for a selection of moisturizers tailored to your specific skin type.

7. Shield Your Skin With Sunscreen: Sunscreen is the ultimate skincare essential that offers protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays. Without any doubt, it is especially vital during the festive season. It prevents early aging signs, skin cancer, and other skin issues and ensures your skin stays radiant and healthy during outdoor celebrations. A diverse range of sunscreen options are available, catering to different skin types; you can explore them here. Opt for SPF 30+ broad-spectrum sunscreen and apply it daily as the last step of your daytime skincare routine, regardless of the weather or season. La Shield SPF 40 Sunscreen is one of the most recommended sunscreens by dermatologists, suitable for all skin types.

8. Pamper Your Lips: Remember to include your lips in your skincare routine. Start by exfoliating them with a lip scrub, followed by applying a nourishing lip balm, such as Nivea Lip Balm Cherry Shine, to keep your lips hydrated.

Say bye-bye to chapped lips and let your lips bask in the glow of your festive-ready skin!

9. Hydrate: When it comes to hydration, more is less! Whether you’re hopping from one party to the next, staying well-hydrated is essential. Water, often underestimated, is a potent beauty tonic that can address various concerns, including under-eye puffiness, pigmentation, and acne. So, remember to keep sipping and stay refreshed!

10. The Three-Step Secret: Well, it goes without saying that sleep, exercise, and diet play an integral role in your skincare during festivities. Exercise (like cardio) helps eliminate toxins, improve circulation, and prevent skin issues. A balanced diet rich in nutrients and hydration supports skin health, while proper sleep aids in cellular repair and prevents under-eye concerns. Prioritizing these factors can ensure you look and feel your best during the celebrations.

Be it that Garba night or Diwali party, worry not! Instead, follow these skincare tips to exude that glow and radiance confidently.

(The article is written by Dr.Subita Alagh, Senior Executive, and reviewed by Monalisa Deka, Senior Health Content Editor)

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