Do Hair Serums And Lotions Add Value In The Treatment Of Hair Loss And Stimulate Hair Growth?

Do Hair Serums And Lotions Add Value In The Treatment Of Hair Loss And Stimulate Hair Growth?

Unfolding…A New Dimension to Healthy Hair!

Weeks from today, in an article we discussed with you the common causes of hair loss and provided you with a Seven Step regimen for Lustrous Healthy Hair. We followed this up with another article emphasising on the critical role of amino acids, minerals, and nutrients for strong and healthy hair! In this article, we shall be discussing the role of hair serums and hair lotions in promoting healthy hair. While many of us may call to mind the fairy tale of Rapunzel…who stole the heart of the prince with her long and lustrous hair, what we can comprehend from this is the fact that the desire for great looking hair has been a deeply felt need for centuries. Remedies, suggestions, and rituals have been known to give men and women of the past centuries a head full of healthy hair.

How do we achieve this today?

Not easy, in the least as we have major challenges that work against healthy hair, that our forefathers did not – the most common being stress, pollution and poor diet. With our generation today, hair loss and thinning are a common concern.

In humans, hair growth and renewal are determined mainly by the activity of the hair follicles and the surrounding dermo-epidermal environment.

Hair loss can be aggravated due to many reasons; therefore it is imperative to choose a Multi-targeted solution. Adjuvant therapy is an essential component of primary care, as it helps one go the extra mile in treating hair loss.

Prevention is key, but it is also essential to arrest the root cause of hair loss.

Hair loss therapies should have multi-targeted actions that not only help in treating hair loss but also promote cellular regeneration, prevent ageing, anchor hair from the roots and reduce miniaturisation.

What are Hair Serums /Lotions?

Hair serums and lotions are most commonly used to make hair shiny, lustrous and strong.

Unlike hair oils, which penetrate into the hair cuticle and make changes to the hair structure temporarily, hair serums are silicon based and only coat the surface of your hair. As a result, making your hair shiny and protecting it from external pollution like dust, heat and humidity.

Over time Hair Serums/Lotions have now transformed from being just cosmetic… to being more therapeutic, thus helping prevent hair loss.

These serums are formulated with scientific expertise and are rich in Pentactives, making them easy to use. Hair growth serums have been proven to treat people suffering from Telogen effluvium. They are recommended along with Minoxidil or Finasteride to complement primary treatment.

Newer formulations containing a combination of Procapil, Melatonin, Adenosine, Coccocin help strengthen hair by stimulating blood supply to the hair follicle, anchor hair from the roots and reduce miniaturisation. They also assist in increasing collagen and laminin which helps thicken hair.

Melatonin helps reduce hair loss and promotes new hair growth. These formulations are non-sticky, non-greasy, non-alcoholic and are easy to use.

Choice of Innovative International patented formulation like Creastim which contains Creatine, Tetrapeptide and Vitamins B5, B6 and B8 – an Anti-hair loss lotion is also available from the French Dermocosmetic company Ducray, a pioneer in Hair & Scalp care.

Creatine helps build Healthy Locks

Creatine monohydrate is in the family of creatine-based amino acids that are responsible for the proper functioning of a host of bodily functions on both a muscular and cellular level.

Creatine is used in cosmetic products as it provides long term protection from premature ageing and environmental stresses. It also revitalises the cell energy in the hair shaft and also activates the noggin signal, a true initiator of hair re-growth, thus, increasing DNA synthesis in dermal papilla cells.

Tetrapeptide helps Prevent Hair Loss

Tetrapeptide is a peptide complex that regulates extracellular matrix proteins, thus preventing hair loss. Tetrapeptide is widely used in pharmaceutical and cosmetic products for stimulating hair growth and increasing hair density.

Furthermore, this unique combination of patented actives has been clinically proven to be a synergistic catalyst in improving the microcirculation in the scalp and strengthening of hair. It is an original and novel mechanism which is responsible for keeping the follicle in the Anagen phase.

Vitamins B5, B6 and B8 add strength and vitality to hair

It is said your hair is a reflection on what you put inside. Foods(especially green vegetables and fruits) that are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, Vitamins, Nutrients, Proteins and  Amino acids is a must have in your daily diet.  An adequate amount of Biotin, Vitamins, and Minerals not only add lustre to the hair but also serve as cofactors for enzymes that are critical for hair growth.

Make sure to include a healthy portion of foods such as broccoli, spinach, salmon, walnuts, flaxseeds, kidney beans and whole grains to your daily diet.

Always remember to apply the hair serums as directed on the scalp for best results/as directed by your consultant. Hair serums and Lotions are relatively easier to apply, are quick in the application and their use need not be restricted to weekends, making them more user compliant.

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