5 Amazing Health Benefits Of Green Beans

5 Amazing Health Benefits Of Green Beans

Green beans, also called as string beans are one of the delights of vegetarian lovers. They are not only delicious and crunchy but are also a rich source of vital nutrients. Nutrition experts say that if you are on the lookout for a vegetable with stellar amounts of vitamins, minerals, and fibre, green beans can be an excellent option.

They are among the very few vegetables that can be frozen or canned, without their health value getting diminished. In addition, they can be easily found in most supermarkets and grocery stores, all round the year.

Nutritional facts

Green beans are one of the fat-free, low-calorie vegetables, packed with high protein and fibre. A 100 g serving of green beans contains 31 calories, 7 g of carbs, 3 g of fibre, 3 g of sugar and 2 g of protein. Besides, they also contain impressive amounts of vitamin A, C, K, and some important micronutrients such as folate, iron, and potassium.

Here are some amazing health benefits of green beans:

1 . Reduce the risk of heart diseases and cancer

Green beans are an incredible source of plant-derived micro nutrients, which lower the risk of heart disorders by reducing cholesterol and flushing out potential toxins from the body. The abundance of vitamin C in green beans also provides a rich pool of antioxidants which serves to safeguard cells’ DNA from damage and abnormalities.

2 . Improve digestion

As previously mentioned, green beans are loaded with dietary fibre which is known to strengthen your digestive system and avoid several digestion-related disorders such as constipation, and stomach ulcers.

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3 . Strengthen the immune system

Vitamin C in green beans forms the main ingredient which fights against toxic free radicals that potentially harm the immune system. Regular consumption of green beans can, therefore, boost your immune health, and promote rapid healing of wounds and bruises. In addition, some B vitamins such as B6, B1, and B3 also keep infections at bay and help in developing resistance against harmful infectious substances.

4 . Boost bone strength and density

The tiny beans present inside their edible pod contain several different vitamins that contribute to bone strength. In particular, the surplus amounts of vitamin K in green beans optimize your bone density by increasing the absorption of calcium in the body.

5 . Promote skin health

In addition to lowering the risk for chronic diseases, recent research has revealed that green beans can be beneficial for your skin. Vitamin A present in green beans plays a vital role in delaying ageing signs such as the formation of wrinkles, dull skin, and dark spots.

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Ways to include green beans in diet

Green beans can be consumed in either cooked, steamed or raw form. You can make your salads and soups more interesting and healthy by adding varying amounts of green beans to them. If you are a fast-food lover and want to make your existing diet healthier, try adding these crunchy beans to your burgers and wraps.

To try something different, you can season the steamed beans with mint and lime juice, together with olive oil vinaigrette. The vitamin C contained in lemon juice will aid in the absorption of the beans’ iron, further increasing the health value.

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