Have You Tried The Alkaline Diet Yet?

Have You Tried The Alkaline Diet Yet?

In the recent wake of dietary fads and health related research, experts have to come to believe that one of the major causes of any kind of ailments or disorders is the sharp rise in the acidity levels of the body. The focus on living a healthy life has suddenly shifted to a person’s (pH) levels.

So What Is An Alkaline Diet?

An alkaline diet involves sticking to only those foods that are moderately, lightly or highly alkaline. This, of course, involves getting rid of any kind of acidic food.

What Are The Benefits Of An Alkaline Diet?

An alkaline diet does not promise to have any weight loss effects, or rather there is no alkaline diet for weight loss, but rather will help one maintain their current weight. So those planning to take up the alkaline diet to shed those excess pounds should opt for ‘Keto’ or a ‘Paleo’ diet which is specifically meant for weight loss.

Alkaline diets are being used since a really long time for medicinal purposes. Mainly on patients who have had a history of kidney stones, or have been through a kidney stone surgery. It is also essential for people who suffer from the issue of acid reflux in which case one must go on a diet involving alkaline foods for acid reflux. The alkaline diet helps them prevent the reoccurrence of any such ailments.

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What Are The Foods That Are Included In This Diet?

There is an entire alkaline foods chart that will give you an accurate idea as to which foods to have and which are the ones that should be completely avoided. The fact of the matter being there are some foods though that should not be had at all, come what may. Foods such as milk and meat products, alcohol, caffeinated drinks, coffee, cocoa, jam, jelly, ketchup, whole wheat and oats, etc. These products can increase the acidity levels in your body to the point that it becomes life threatening for people with kidney related disorders.

For How Long Am I Allowed To Be On This Diet?

Just like any other diet, even this one is meant to be kept for a limited period of time, or as long as your body doesn’t balance out the (pH) levels again. Once the levels are normal again, it is essential you go back to a balanced diet that constitutes all the essential nutrients and foods to give you a complete nutrition profile. This doesn’t mean binge eating on junk food, as anything in excess is equally bad as anything scarce.

What Along With The Diet Is Essential To Promote A Healthy Life?

First of all, before going on an alkaline diet do consult a dietician or your general doctor to get a green signal to the alkaline diet plan that you would end up following and also the kind of foods that you should be eating and ones that you should not. Later when you are on the diet make sure to accompany it with an equally regular workout regime and a good amount of water consumption to flush the toxins out of your body. To make your Alkaline diet interesting one must look up on alkaline diet recipes and prepare an alkaline diet shopping list accordingly.

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