1mg News Digest: Excess Use of Mobiles Increases The Chance Of Getting Brain Cancer In Teenagers

1mg News Digest: Excess Use of Mobiles Increases The Chance Of Getting Brain Cancer In Teenagers

1. Are eggs vegetarian or non-vegetarian? Finally, the debate is ended by scientists

Well, the answer to this is that eggs are vegetarian. According to a scientific study, eggs have 3 parts- the shell, albumen or the egg white and the yolk. While the egg white is only protein and contains no animal cell, the egg yolk consists of protein, fat and cholesterol. Also, the eggs that we eat on a daily basis do not have embryos, are unfertilized and are thus not at a stage where we would be eating an animal.
However, a lot depends on your cultural background and whether you feel like eating a particular food or not is morally justifiable.

Source: Zee News

2. Suffering From Diabetes? Tests That Should Be Done Regularly

Diabetes if untreated, over a period of time, may cause damage to blood vessels, nerves, kidney and many other organs of your body, causing a variety of complications like difficulty seeing, tingling and numbness in the hands and feet or an increased risk for a heart attack or stroke.With the steep rise of such lifestyle diseases, it is now imperative to have an affordable holistic plan for health. You should thus undergo these 10 examinations periodically if you are a diabetic.

Source: 1mg.com

3. Excess use of mobiles increases the chance of getting brain cancer by 400% in teenagers

A research by Professor Girish Kumar of the Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai reported the hidden danger of excess cell phone use on people especially the teenagers. This is because a child’s skull is relatively thinner than an adult, as a result of which radiations from mobiles can easily penetrate inside.

Source: DNA India

4. Kangra, state in Himachal Pradesh records the highest number of HIV cases

Himachal Pradesh has more than 9141 HIV+ cases with Kangra topping the list with 2629 HIV+cases, followed by Hamirpur with 1,824 cases. This is mainly due to two reasons first is very less public awareness on issues related to HIV and second is displaced people living away from family life who got exploited sexually. A series of awareness activities are being carried out to spread awareness and benefit the younger generation.

Source: Tribune India

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