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Mirtaz 15 mg Tablet MD

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Composition for Mirtaz 15 mg Tablet MD

Prescription Required

Primary uses of Mirtaz 15 mg Tablet MD

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Medicine Overview of Mirtaz Tablet MD

Uses of Mirtaz Tablet MD

Mirtaz 15 mg Tablet MD is used in the treatment of depression.

Mirtaz Tablet MD side effects


Side Effects of Mirtaz are Sleepiness, Dryness in mouth, Increased appetite, Headache, Weight gain.

How to use Mirtaz Tablet MD

Take this medicine in the dose and duration as advised by your doctor. Do not handle the tablets with wet hands. Put it in your mouth but do not swallow it. Mirtaz 15 mg Tablet MD may be taken with or without food, but it is better to take it at a fixed time.

How Mirtaz Tablet MD works

Mirtaz 15 mg Tablet MD is an antidepressant. It works by increasing the levels of chemical messengers (serotonin and noradrenaline), natural substances in the brain that help maintain mental balance.

In Depth Information on Mirtaz Tablet MD

Expert advice for Mirtaz Tablet MD

  • Mirtaz 15 mg Tablet MD starts to work more quickly than other antidepressants.
  • Avoid driving or operating dangerous machinery as it may decrease alertness.
  • Avoid consuming alcohol when taking the Mirtaz 15 mg Tablet MD, as it may cause excessive drowsiness and calmness.
  • If your doctor asks you to stop Mirtaz 15 mg Tablet MD, you should reduce the dose slowly over 4 weeks. You should not discontinue it abruptly.
  • Notify your doctor immediately if you develop a sore throat or fever or stomatitis during treatment with Mirtaz 15 mg Tablet MD.
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Mirtaz Tablet MD related warnings
Special precautions for Mirtaz Tablet MD
Mirtaz 15 mg Tablet MD may cause excessive drowsiness and calmness with alcohol.
Mirtaz 15 mg Tablet MD may be unsafe to use during pregnancy.
Animal studies have shown adverse effects on the foetus, however, there are limited human studies. The benefits from use in pregnant women may be acceptable despite the risk. Please consult your doctor.
Mirtaz 15 mg Tablet MD is probably unsafe to use during lactation. Limited human data suggest that the drug could represent a significant risk to the baby.
The baby should be monitored for behavioral side effects and adequate growth.
Do not drive unless you are feeling well.
Mirtaz 15 mg Tablet MD can affect your concentration or alertness. This may impair your driving ability.
Mirtaz 15 mg Tablet MD should be used with caution in patients with kidney disease. Dose adjustment of Mirtaz 15 mg Tablet MD may be needed. Please consult your doctor.
Mirtaz 15 mg Tablet MD should be used with caution in patients with liver disease. Dose adjustment of Mirtaz 15 mg Tablet MD may be needed. Please consult your doctor.

Patient Concerns

Questions Related to Mirtaz
i am having treatment of ghabrahat, low confidence most problem is lack of sleep. dr. suggested me daxid50 twice a day, mirtaz 15 at night, petril .5 at night and betacap tr40. is this fine for my treatment?
Dr. Jyoti Kapoor Madan
Yes. Petril should not be continued regularly for more than 4-6 weeks. Rest will need to continue for at least 6 months. Please maintain regular follow up.
I've suffered secondary depression 9 months back. Though now I'm okay with medications (Daxid 100 & Mirtaz 7.5), I don't feel confident and satisfied like I used to before depression. Should I need to change my medicines or do what?
Dr. Jyoti Kapoor Madan
Based on your clinical history, your doctor plans the type of medicine and it's dose and duration. For first episode of anxiety/ depression/ panic, the usual maintenance phase is 6 months of asymptomatic period, after which medicines can be gradually tapered. But treatment may need to continue longer depending on severity and frequency of episodes. Treatment for Recurrent Depressive Disorder , psychotic disorders, Bipolar Affective Disorder and OCD usually lasts for much longer.To monitor any potential side effects and to take any decision to change medication or stop them, several factors have to be taken in account for which regular follow up with your psychiatrist is important. For second opinion, seek a proper consultation with another psychiatrist and take along your previous prescriptions. Response to medicines depends on- 1. Diagnosis 2. Adequate dose of medicines 3. Adequate duration of treatment 4. Regular Medicines 5. Individual factors like patient's metabolism, other medical conditions etc. You may need a change of medication or additional psychotherapy.
Sir namaste.due to business problems I get depression.i met psychiatrist and used medicine for years.last I used mirtaz 30.now I stopped mirtaz and using alprox 0.25.from six months . depression symptoms I have till today.but not equal to first I was.when iam in sleep all of my problems running in my mind? let me know it is ok or to change medicine?I u sed medicine for four years.Just I want to sleep well at night?
Dr. Jyoti Kapoor Madan
Depressive disorder is a neurochemical disorder and mirtazepine improves that imbalance. If you continue to have depressive symptoms and disturbance in sleep, you should take antidepressants and not sleeping pills. Like any chronic illness, depression tends to re occur and needs regular management
Sir from last year i m not able to drive bike or travel alone what heppen i also dont know i feel sweating and i get wors and i feel i will die i m taken many medical soppourt like mirtaz 7.5and lonnzep .nexito but when i stop i get bad in condition i m free by my work i have none to do whole day my income is good .no activities.Plz sir help me all have gone for all doctorAll says that is anxietyAll test i have done r normal
Dr. Mohit Sharma
Start Physiotherapy . Learn some Physio Exercise, do it for 1 month. It will help u for sure.
My father and who is of 68 years old is having depression for the last 10 years or so We been treating this for the last 10 years Once in a year he gets this depression and he totally gets isolated from the society not even gets out of the house This may last for may be two to three months for which he really struggles a lot I would like to take a second opinion on this Medicines he is having now are envas2. 5, Mirtaz 7.5,valence od 250mg and rivotril
Dr. Jyoti Kapoor Madan
Depression is a persistent state of sadness that is the result of interaction between one's inner biological and psychological state and gets triggered of with environmental stressors. Reactive depression is in response to a situation like loss, sickness, trauma etc. Endogenous depression occurs without any noticeable environmental stressors. Psychological symptoms include lack of interest, negative thinking, irritability, frustration, feeling demotivated etc. Somatic symptoms like fatigue/ weakness/ lack of sleep/ lack of appetite and other physical symptoms are common. Anxiety is common. In severe cases one may feel helpless and hopeless enough to wish for death or attempt suicide. Treatment includes physical and psychiatric work up following which medicines can be prescribed. In milder cases, psychotherapy or counselling is recommended. Depressive disorder can recur as it is an endogenous vulnerability. RDD doesn't mean that the first episode wasn't treated, it simply means that medicines are needed for longer.
sir, my self im very depressing while comparing me to others& i dont talk to much bcoz i feel im not in level to talk with them & feel me about myself everyday about my negetativity.this type thinking stressess me very much how can i come from this type of stress?? i feel this is b.coz my weight & height at the age of 21 im right sir??
Dr. Jyoti Kapoor Madan
If you let your confidence down, you will develop helplessness ehic leads to depression. Instead of worrying about your weight, take action. Seek professional help. If you feel unmotivated, meet a psychiatrist, its neither too early nor too late for professional advice.
Sir i m suffering from mindly disturbance last 8 days because i have fail in love . Now i dont get to sleep. Only 2-3 hrs sleeping please help me. Im in more depression
Dr. Mehtab Baig
Think one mantra ,,,,,duniya jaye bhad me ,,,,, if u don't you takes always on medicine plz ignore all your memories with your ex And deleted

Frequently asked questions about Mirtaz Tablet MD

Frequently asked questions about Mirtazapine

Q. Is Mirtaz an SSRI/ MAOI/opiate/ narcotic/ benzo/tricyclic antidepressant?
Mirtaz is a tetracyclic antidepressant. It is not SSRI/ MAOI/opiate/narcotic
Q. Is Mirtaz addictive?
No, Mirtaz is not addictive. Patient should follow the advice of the doctor regarding its use
Q. Is Mirtaz safe?
Mirtaz is safe if used at prescribed dose and duration as advised by your doctor
Q. Can I take Mirtaz forever?
No, patient should take Mirtaz for the given duration as advised by your doctor
Q. Can I take mirtazapine for sleep with citalopram?
No, Patient should not take mirtazapine with citalopram because it may cause serious side effects. Always consult your doctor regarding its use
Q. Can you take Mirtaz for sleep?
Mirtaz is specifically used to treat major depressive disorder. Patient should follow the advice of the doctor regarding its use
Q. Can I take mirtazapine with sertraline/ citalopram/ fluoxetine/ antibiotics/ zopiclone/ amitryptline/ tramadol/ diazepam/ ambien/ Xanax?
Taking other medicines may alter the effects of mirtazapine. Always consult your doctor for the change of dose regimen or an alternative drug of choice that may strictly be required
Q. Does Mirtaz cause weight gain/memory loss/ insomnia/ make you eat more/ make you constipated?
Mirtaz may cause these side effects. However, consult your doctor if you experience any of these symptoms
Q. Does Mirtaz treat anxiety/lower seizure threshold?
Mirtaz may be used to treat anxiety but not to lower the seizure threshold. Care should be taken in patients with seizures
Q. Does Mirtaz contain benzodiazepine?
No, it does not contain benzodiazepine.

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