World Blood Donor Day: Donate Blood And Save Lives!

World Blood Donor Day: Donate Blood And Save Lives!

We all know that human blood has no substitute. But, did you know that blood donation is equally beneficial for the donors as it is for those who receive it?  A study by the Department of Transfusion Medicine, Oxford (UK) revealed that donating blood had a positive effect on a donor’s physical and psychological well-being as well.

Blood donation not only saves lives but also has key benefits that we are unaware of. Some of these are:

1 . Balances the level of iron in the body

Iron has a significant impact on the body and high blood iron can cause a variety of ailments. However, by donating blood, 225 to 250 mg of iron from your body gets reduced and therefore decreases the risks of hemochromatosis (a disease caused due to iron overload in the body) and other major health complications.

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2 . Regulates blood flow

Regular blood donation helps to regulate the blood flow. It maintains the thickness of the blood. It averts the thickening of blood which causes it to become viscous and therefore may also damage the lining of the blood vessels.

3 . Reduces risk of cardiovascular problems and stroke

A study published in American Journal of Public Health, concludes that high level of iron stored in the body aggravates the risk of acute cardiovascular disease and stroke. However, regular blood donation theoretically reduces the risk by lowering body stored iron level.

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4 . Triggers formation of new blood cells

After donating blood, the body works to replenish the blood loss. This stimulates the production of new blood cells and in turn, helps in maintaining good health.

5 . Keeps away those extra pounds 

A single blood donation helps to reduce 650 calories and thereby helps us to shed off the extra body weight faster.

6 . Improves liver health

A reduction in the iron level from your body due to blood donation helps reduce the risk of liver-related ailments such as cirrhosis, liver failure, and damage to the pancreas.

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7 . Lowers risk of cancer

A four-and-a-half-year study done by the Miller-Keystone Blood Center in the US found that those who donated blood biannually had reduced their risk of cancer and mortality compared to those who did not do so, simply because of decreased iron levels.

After the blood donation, make sure you; 

-Drink at least 10-12 glasses of water including juices within 24 hours following blood donation

-Make sure you elevate your legs (to a higher level) while you lie down to regulate the blood supply to the brain

-Avoid sun exposure

-Avoid driving for the next 2-3 hours

-Avoid smoking for next 4 hours

-Avoid alcohol for next 24 hours

So, let us make this extra effort to save and support lives by donating blood. Make sure you are in good health when you wish to go for blood donation and take needful precautions post a donation. Stay Happy, Stay Healthy!

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