Do You Brush Your Teeth Before Sleeping? Here Is Why You Must!

Do You Brush Your Teeth Before Sleeping? Here Is Why You Must!

As bathing daily keeps your body clean and germ-free, brushing your teeth daily keeps the oral cavity healthy and also provides protection from harmful bacterial attack. Dentists, across the globe, say that brushing your teeth at least twice a day (first in the morning, and second before bedtime) should be an essential part of your day, just as integral as eating. This habit helps prevent gum diseases, keeps your breath fresh, and also reduces the chances of tooth decay. Every time we eat something, the plaque builds up. This

Every time we eat something, the plaque builds up. Plaque, if not removed, acts as a home to several harmful bacteria that increase the acid production and lead to several oral problems. Though we know all of this well, how many of you brush your teeth before going to bed? Do you follow it religiously?

If not, here are some reasons that explain why brushing your teeth before bedtime is equally vital:

-Just like daytime, the plaque and bacteria increase to pile up in the mouth during the night. More the bacteria more is the plaque deposition and more are the chances of tooth decay and gum problems.

-As the body is at rest during the nighttime, the flow of saliva decreases which leaves the mouth at an increased risk for decay and several other oral diseases.

-The left-over food particles from the last meal (before bedtime) allow the bacteria to propagate and damage the teeth.

-The accumulated bacteria act aggressively on the rotten food particles in the mouth and then create their own “bodily waste,” in the mouth which is the primary reason why you wake up with a bad breath.

All of the above problems do not happen in just one night. But, if it becomes a practice (not to brush before you sleep), the possibility of it happening will gradually increase. So, don’t forget to brush your teeth twice daily (once in the morning and once before bedtime) to maintain good oral health. Stay Healthy, Stay Happy!

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