Which Herbs Are Useful In Controlling Diabetes?

Food for Controlling Diabetes

Over the past years,numerous studies conducted across the world have suggested the role of various spices and herbs in helping to regulate sugar levels. Here are some herbs that help in regulating sugar levels:

1 . Jamun Seeds:  Powder of jamun seeds can be taken with water or buttermilk (chaach).

2 . Fenugreek (methi): methi seeds are taken with water 15-20 minutes before each meal. Methi has soluble fibers that slowdowns the digestion and absorption of glucose.

3 . Bael Leaves: Fresh juice is taken along with a pinch of pepper.

4 . Cinnamon (Dalchini): It helps in improving sugar as well as cholesterol level. Its powder is taken with water.

5 . Amla: concentrated amla juice along with bitter ground juice is taken. It helps in releasing more insulin.

6 . Isabgol: it is taken before meals with a glass of water. It has high amount of fibers, thus slowing down digestion and absorption of sugar.

7 . Ginger: Ginger extracts are taken along with water. It stimulates muscles to take more glucose, thus reduces blood glucose levels.

8 . Aloe vera: juice of aloe vera is to be taken once a day. It has multiple effects; reduces blood glucose as well as cholesterol levels.

However you should remember that although these herbs help in regulating blood glucose, but they should not be used to replace medicines completely but should be added to supplement the effect of existing sugar reducing medicines.

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