What Is The Best Way To Self Monitor Blood Sugar Levels?

Diabetes Care

The best way to self monitor sugar is by using a home blood sugar checking meter.

Here is how you should self monitor your sugar levels:

-Many electronic devices are available in the market today for this purpose.

-A self monitoring blood glucose device is a small, portable, durable and reliable machine which helps a diabetic patient to measure and monitor his/ her blood glucose level.

-These devices can be used by a caregiver or the patient himself.

-Just a small drop of blood needs to be placed on an electronic strip.

-This strip is inserted into the glucose meter which then measures the amount of glucose in the sample.

-A small screen on the meter displays the result. Most devices also display if the reading is higher or lower than the normal range.

-There are many benefits of using a glucose meter.One of the major benefits is that one can assess the effect of any food item or activity on blood glucose by monitoring the sugar level at appropriate time, in the convenience of home. Moreover, one can check his/her sugar level anywhere, anytime. The fluctuation in blood sugar levels during the day and night can also be easily detected by glucometers. Lastly, one can keep a detailed daily record of his /her sugar levels and the effect of medications on it.

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