6 Reasons Why We Need A Prescription From You

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Every time you add prescription medicines to your cart on 1mg and proceed to check out, you get an instruction from our app to upload your prescription to complete your order. This may annoy you and feel like an unnecessary step, but trust us, it is extremely critical for your health and safety.

Here is why we ask for your prescription before placing your order:

1 . We Ensure You Get The Right Medicines

Our team ensures that you get exactly the same medicines that are written on your prescription. For this purpose your prescription is proof read and re-checked multiple times before dispensing your medicines.

2 . We Ensure You Get The Right Dose

Medicines come in various strengths and combinations. There is a reason why certain strengths are given depending on your severity of illness, age, weight and other factors. We take care to give you the right strength (for example 5mg, 10 mg, 50mg) as well as the right combination if required.

3 . We Ensure You Take Medicines For The Right Duration

We dispense medicines as per the prescription to make sure that you complete your course of treatment.

4 . Your Medication Or Dosage Might Change Over Time

For Chronic conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure and heart diseases, you may require to get your prescription renewed by your doctor after a certain period of time. This is important so that your doctor can re-assess your clinical condition and to re-evaluate your medications and dosage.

5 . We Follow Government Policy

Government of India has identified medicines (scheduled H and H1) that require a valid prescription from a registered medical practitioner to be dispensed by a pharmacy.

6. We Care For You

All the prescriptions are digitized for future reference.We have an in house team of expert pharmacists and doctors to ensure we deliver high quality services. This could sometimes be time consuming, but trust us, it is only because we care for you!

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