Vaginal Infections: Symptoms and Practical Ways To Manage Them Better!

vaginal infections and how to deal with them

Vaginal infections or vaginitis are a common problem affecting almost every woman. As per statistics, every 3 out of 4 women experiences a vaginal infection once in their lifetime. The persistent itchiness, wetness, and discharge not only distract you from all work but can also put you in awkward situations sometimes. Most vaginal infections are easy to detect as the symptoms are quite common and outwardly visible.

Some of the most common symptoms which can help you self-diagnose a vaginal infection are:

Unusual Vaginal Discharge

Although it is completely normal for women to experience some kind of discharge from their vagina, doctors recommend to look out for any changes which do not seem usual. These changes include a distinct and unpleasant odor, changes in the color of the discharge and wetness. One may notice a curdy white discharge in case of a fungal infection.


Experiencing a burning sensation and itchiness are the most common symptoms of vaginal infections. The irritation may worsen when the affected area comes in contact with the fabric or clothing. Irritation could also be caused because of blisters, lumps or swelling around the vaginal area.

Pain During Intercourse

Vaginal infections may lead to inflammation in the pelvic area that causes pain during sexual intercourse. However, one may also experience pain during menstruation and while urinating.

In case these symptoms persist for a long period of time, it is best to see a doctor for an accurate diagnosis.

Some simple and practical ways to manage vaginal infections are:

1 . Keep The Vagina Clean 

Most commonly, infections flare up in moist and warm environments. Wash the vaginal area each time you visit the washroom or pass urine. While washing this area, ensure you clean it front to back properly and not the other way. Cleaning it in the opposite direction might carry forth the bacteria from anus to the vagina.

2 . Makes Sure Your Undergarments are Clean

Opt for clean and comfortable undergarments. Try and stay away from the ones made with synthetic fabric. Also, make sure you change your undergarments frequently. When you get out of the shower, allow yourself to dry completely before you wear your clothes.

3 . Use pH Balanced Products 

While choosing a wash for the intimate areas, make sure they are not scented as they can increase irritation further. Temporarily, they may provide temporary relief from bad odor however they often leave the skin dry.

4 . Consume Probiotic-rich Foods 

Yoghurt and other probiotic foods have been proved to be very helpful in eradicating yeast infections and also prevent their recurrence. They increase the number of good bacteria in your gut and remove infections from within. You can also include foods such as garlic and cranberry juice to fight it better.

5 . Practice Safe Sex

Make sure you maintain the basic hygiene for a healthy sexual and personal life. Some of the infections can be sexually transmitted from your partner and therefore it is best suggested to practice safe sex.

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