Surprising Health Benefits Of Litchi: The Wonder Fruit

Surprising Health Benefits Of Litchi: The Wonder Fruit

You must have read the many benefits of various fruits like mangoes, melons, oranges etc. But have you come across the goodness of this wonder fruit grown in summers for a short period? Wondering??

This magical fruit is none other than Litchi which is a small whitish-pink tropical fruit.

They may be small in size, but as they say, ‘big surprises come in small packages’. The taste of litchi is incredible and in modern days it is one of the key ingredients in ice cream, juices, and other desserts. Litchi is considered to be an exotic fruit with short shelf life, but with some awesome health benefits.

Here are some benefits of litchi which results in healthy and a fit body in a tasty way:

1. Stronger immunity

Litchi has higher Vit C content and this makes litchi a good antioxidant which helps in improving the immune system. It increases immunity to protect against cold, flu and cough and also known to alleviate scurvy (vitamin C deficiency disease) due to high content of vitamin C.

2. Healthy skin

Litchi being rich in vitamin C and water content is considered to be skin’s best friend for delaying the process of ageing.

3. Heart health and blood pressure

Litchi has a high amount of dietary fiber which discourages fat formation and fat reserves in the body which promotes cardiovascular health. It also reduces blood pressure due to its high content of antioxidant vitamin C.

4. Prevents cancer

One of the most important benefits of litchi is that it has anticancer effects. Having it on a daily basis can actually prevent the occurrence of this fatal disease.

5. Fluid balance in weight loss plan

Maintaining a proper weight is important for us, but by which means is more crucial. Exercise and a healthy diet are required but workouts and dieting lead to loose certain important nutrients and makes us dehydrated most of the time. Litchi being a source of potassium retains sodium level and balances electrolyte (maintains fluid level).

6. Aids digestion and bowel movements

Pectin, one of the dietary fiber which is found in litchi is responsible for bowel movement and a healthy digestive system. Also, the high water content in litchi helps prevent constipation and reduces chances of colon cancer and piles.

7. Blood relation

The high amount of copper content in litchi is responsible for enhancing blood circulation body. Similarly like iron, copper is also meant for the formation of Red Blood Cells (RBC’s) resulting in better circulation of blood and increased oxygenation in the body.

8. Acts against influenza

Litchi fruit extracts have shown to be effective against influenza viruses.

9. Stronger bones

Litchis are full of essential compounds required for healthy bones, such as magnesium, phosphorus, manganese, copper, iron and many others. Consuming litchis regularly can make your bones stronger.

10. Increase libido

Litchi is also known to enhance sexual desires in humans as it is abundant in essential nutrients.

Disclaimer: Litchi being a sweet fruit should not be taken in large amounts, as there are chances of sugar level going high.

With so many amazing benefits, Litchi certainly deserves to be a wonder fruit. Happy Litchying!!!!!

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