Egg White Or Egg Yolk: Which Is Healthier?


Loaded with proteins, eggs are a quick and an easy way to get essential nutrients at any time of the day. But eggs are one of those controversial foods where diet professionals can’t make their minds if they are healthier or harmful. Eggs have a high protein source along with other vitamins and minerals. However, they are also reasonably high in cholesterol and fat, which is why they have been doubtful if they are actually beneficial or harmful.

Surprising Benefits Of Gold In Health And Beauty


Soft, silky skin is every women’s desire, and even celebrities are no exception. But how do celebrities keep their skin flawless, glowy and elastic despite their tight schedule?

Going back to the history, it was rumored that one of the beauty treatment that Cleopatra followed was the utilization of gold. Cleopatra utilized a gold mask each night to enhance her appearance and keep her skin young, sparkling and beautiful.