“Social Jetlag” May Put You At An Increased Risk Of Health Problems

"Social Jetlag" May Put You At An Increased Risk Of Health Problems

As per recent studies, even if you are sleeping on a regular basis during the week and are unable to do so during the weekends, you are risking your health big time.

-A mismatch between the body’s biological clock and the actual sleep pattern due to social activities is termed as social jetlag.

-A recent study suggested that people who experience a social jetlag are more likely to be diagnosed be a heart disease, feel fatigued and have mood swings.

-The study evaluated close to 1000 adults aged between 22 to 60 years. Sleep quality and sleep duration were amongst the commonly asked questions from the people under evaluation

-As per the study, for every hour of sleep that is shifted, the person is at 11% increased risk of being diagnosed with heart diseases. An hour of sleep shift was also found to be associated with 28% increased risk of poor health.

-The findings were presented at the Annual Meeting of Associated Professional Sleep Societies (Boston).

Source: UCLA Sleep Disorders Center

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