Smoking and Diabetes: Can Smoking Worsen Diabetes?

smoking and diabetes not a good combination

Research supports that smoking causes Type 2 Diabetes. A smoker is at a threefold risk of developing diabetes as compared to a non-smoker. Additionally, a diabetic who happens to be a smoker is at an increased risk of being affected by complications compared to a non-smoker. Several addicted smokers are curious to know if smoking would further worsen their diabetes. Below we have discussed how smoking affects diabetes and our bodies adversely.

How Will Smoking Effect Your Diabetes?

A research conducted on this subject in California, U.S.A found that nicotine, the chief substance in cigarettes that makes them addictive, is the culprit. Nicotine was found to increase the levels of glycosylated haemoglobin (HbA1C) in habitual smokers. Currently the HbA1C blood test is one of the common tests for calculating the average blood sugar levels over a span of 3 months. This implies that effectively, nicotine keeps the blood sugar levels high all the time. The uncontrolled blood sugar eventually damages the small blood vessels of the various organs like heart, kidney, brain, eyes and the limbs leading to poor blood supply to them.

How Will Smoking Effect Your Body?

Lack of blood supply to these vital organs can lead to serious complications such as:
– Heart attack i.e. myocardial infarction
– Kidney failure
– Brain Stroke and paralysis of the body
– Blindness
– Gangrene of legs leading to amputation

These complications don’t just add to your suffering but are life threatening as well. Research confirms that smoking not just adds to the risk of developing diabetes, it further complicates diabetes. Nicotine in any form via electronic cigar or ‘hukka’ etc is also hazardous.

Not just diabetes, with the deadly stick you are inviting a handful of cancers too. Being well aware of the risks associated with smoking, if you are a diabetic, you must absolutely give up smoking. If it’s difficult to give it up by yourself, consult a specialist or a therapist for ways to quit smoking.

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