Skipped Your Breakfast? This Is What Will Happen To Your Body

Skipped Your Breakfast? This Is What Will Happen To Your Body

“Have your breakfast, why you always skip it, screamed Avik’s mom from the kitchen”. To which Avik shouted, “Mom no time I have an important presentation to give,” and rushed to his office.

How many of you do the same?? Missing your breakfast for an important meeting or cutting down the net calorie intake in order to get that dream body.

But do you know that skipping breakfast is like giving an open invitation to various health complications? Wondering how? Have a look:

1. Affects your heart

A study said that people who skip breakfast are more susceptible to heart diseases than people who start each day with a hearty meal.

Reason: Skipping breakfast is found to increase hypertension and stress and in later time clogging of arteries leading to heart attack. So if you love your heart eat a healthy breakfast.

2. High risk of type 2 diabetes

Studies have found that people who start their day with a plate of healthy breakfast are at lower risk of developing type 2 diabetes than the ones who tend to skip. Women are mostly affected by type 2 diabetes as they frequently avoid taking breakfast because of their busy lives.

Reason: Since you fast overnight while sleeping, missing your breakfast adds to this fasting period and may disrupt blood sugar balance and insulin output.

3. Skip breakfast, get fat

So here is the twist! If you’re planning to lose weight, you might think the less the less you eat, the more kgs you lose, right? But that doesn’t apply to skipping your breakfast.

Reason: This is because skipping the morning meal makes you crave for fatty foods. Also, your hunger pangs will spike by the lunchtime and you end up eating more leading to increase in calorie intake in the most sedentary hours of your day and finally leading to weight gain.

4. Triggers migraine

Do you suffer from regular headaches and migraine? Then do not ever skip your breakfast.

Reason: Skipping meals especially breakfast, it creates a dip in your sugar levels which triggers the release of hormones to make up for the low glucose levels. This increases the blood pressure levels causing migraine and severe headaches.

5. You might lose your lovely locks

By now you must have got an idea about the importance of having your breakfast daily but that is not enough, it should also be nutritious to get that gorgeous hair.

Reason: Having a healthy and a protein-rich breakfast is essential as it helps in the formation of keratin which is mainly responsible for hair growth. Therefore it is advisable for both men and women to take their breakfast with some protein-rich foods in order to maintain healthy hair.

6. Slows down your biological engine

How can you expect to start your car early in the morning if there is no fuel? Same goes with your body.

Reason: Breakfast is the first meal of the day after a long gap of 12 hours and if you happen to skip it, your body won’t get a kick to start the day. Also, it will make you feel gloomy and moody the whole day.

7. Your gastrointestinal system will cry

The long overnight fast may also cause various gastric problems.

Reason: If you skip your breakfast, the amount of food in lunch will be more resulting in an excessive burden on the gastrointestinal tract which can cause ulcers, gastritis, indigestion and other diseases.

8. Menstrual irregularities

This is one of the common problems which women face especially in college students and working women. This includes painful menses and irregular menstrual bleeds.

Reason: This is because there lies a long gap between your dinner and breakfast and if you happen to miss your breakfast, your body automatically becomes devoid of nutrients needed to function at the start of the day. This eventually can lead to various complications and one such is menstrual disorders. However, there are no proven studies on the effects of skipping breakfast on PMS symptoms.

9. You may get stupid

This is one of the main reasons why your mom runs after you to eat that plate of breakfast.

Reason: Skipping breakfast is a missed opportunity to provide your brain with essential nutrients after an overnight fast. This eventually will affect your cognitive function and performance, which includes better memory and attention

10. Aggravates hangover

It is fine if you went a bit more on your wine glass the previous night. You can have a beneficial breakfast to fend off your hangover.

Reason: Avoiding breakfast could possibly intensify hangover by lowering the sugar degrees and trigger headaches and nausea. Also, a healthy and a balanced breakfast rich in iron as well as various other minerals and vitamins are essential to compensate for the lost nutrients. It will certainly boost your energy levels.

So did you skip your breakfast today?

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