How do you know if you have Prostate Cancer?

A patient diagnosed with prostate cancer by a doctor


  • Prostate cancer is the second most common cause of cancer in men
  • It is more common in Males above 50 years
  • Family history of any cancer is a risk factor
  • Early prostate cancer usually has no symptoms
  • Symptoms include problems passing urine, weak urinary stream, frequent urination especially at night
  • Person may also have weight loss, bone pains, numbness in legs or feet
  • Clinical examination of prostate gland by a surgeon can detect enlarged prostate.
  • Prostate-specific antigen (PSA) is a blood test to detect prostate cancer
  • PSA levels increase slightly with age and in noncancerous prostate enlargement
  • Very high PSA values need further evaluation (USG, Biopsy, MRI, CT scan)
  • For early detection, PSA test is recommended yearly in all men above 40 years of age
  • It is important to differentiate prostate cancer from noncancerous prostate enlargement.
  • Early stage of prostate cancer can be completely cured by surgery.

Awareness about symptoms and early detection of prostate cancer can save lives. Please forward this to spread awareness #JaankariHaiToJaanHai

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