Kick That Butt: 8 Simple Steps to Prevent Hazards of Smoking

Crush that stub and save yourself from the hazards of smoking

Despite over 97% of the one billion active smokers world-over wanting to quit, stats show that the number of smokers keeps on increasing year after year.Everyone is well acquainted with the health hazards of smoking that include risk of cancer, heart diseases, reduced brain functioning.  Yet breaking free from this deadly addiction is one of the biggest challenges that a person faces. To help you quit, we recommend the following techniques.

There are two major approaches to kicking the cigarette butt, the hard stop and the slow and steady approach.


-One fine day you wake up and give up smoking, straight and simple. The method is also known as the Cold Turkey way.

-Hard but uncomplicated, this is not an approach for the everyone. Prepare to get severe urges to jump the gun and light up.

-If you decide to try this path, remember to get rid of every object related to smoking like lighters and ashtrays before D-day.

-While this approach takes very high levels of self-restraint, it is the fastest and arguably the most effective way to give up smoking.


If you cannot follow the hard stop method of quitting, you can try the alternative method. As the name suggests, in this approach you slowly distance cigarettes from your lips. The following tricks will help you along your journey to being smoke-free:

1 . Set Small Targets

Remember, this is a gradual thing. Set tough but achievable daily/weekly targets for yourself. Cutting down on a third of your daily quota every week that should see you come down from 10 cigarettes to 0 in 4 weeks.

2 . Write The Plan Down

To get started, get a piece of pen and paper and scribble your reasons and the plan to give up. Stick the paper at a place where you are forced to read it a few times daily. It can be your computer screen at work or the mirror on the dresser or any place you wish.

3 . Get People Involved

Let your friends and family in on the plan. While it will be great to find partners willing to quit along with you, simply getting your folks to cheer you on can prove immensely beneficial.

4 . Reward Yourself

Just to keep the motivation going, reward yourself after each successful target achievement. Go to a spa, buy a pair of shoes, go to the movies and better still, involve the family and friends to make it more fulfilling.

5 . Know And Control The Triggers

Know your triggers (things which give you the craving for a smoke). It can be the cigarette after a meal and the one with a drink or the one after the meeting or the packets smoked during the night before the exam. Substitute these with other activities like a walk after a meal, a chat while you drink, a cup of spiced-tea after a meeting and chewing gum during the last minute preparations.

6 . Sit In The Company Of Non-Smokers

Man being the social animal he is, it is likely that good and bad habits would be imbibed. So making non-smoking friends or spending more time in ‘No-smoking’ zones will help control your urge.

7 . Change Your Lifestyle

Adopting a healthy lifestyle that include eating right, regular exercise, practising yoga and meditation and good sleep will reduce stress, one of the main inducers of smoking.

8 . Seek Professional Help

Don’t shy away from visiting a doctor or a psychologist to help you along your way. They may prescribe medicines, e-cigarettes or even meditation, things that will keep you going along.

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Smoking harms smokers and the world around them in ways that cannot be turned back. The price is steep compared to the temporary ‘Nicotine’ high that cigarettes offer.So go ahead and embrace a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle by eating right, staying physically active and staying away from unhealthy habits. Stay Healthy, Stay Happy!

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