Positive Thinking Found To Ward Off Illnesses, Research Suggests!


A positive outlook towards life shall add healthy years to your life, study reveals

-In a recent study, conducted by the Harvard’s TH Chan School of Public Health, evaluated the correlation of optimism and healthy life.

-The study analyzed the data of about 70,000 women in the Nurses’ Health Study. Back in 2004, the subjects were made to answer a questionnaire to know how they would foresee their future and their take on the life overall.

-As per the study, women who scored high on optimism were found to be less prone to major illnesses and problems for the coming eight years compared to those who scored a low score.

-The study suggested that women with an optimistic approach were at a decreased risk of diseases such as cancer (16%), heart disease (38%), stroke (39%), respiratory disease (38%) and infections (52%).

Source: Harvard Health Publications

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