Higher BMI Found To Be Linked With Early Death!

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People with BMI above or below the ideal range found to be at an increased risk of early death due to health conditions, study suggests  

-In a study, conducted by the researchers of Harvard, evaluated the pooled data from 239 studies of more than 10 million people across 32 countries. The study excluded people who smoked, had a chronic condition or died within five years of follow up, reducing the sample size to 4 million people.

-As per the study, people with a BMI ranging between 20-24.9 were at a decreased risk of dying due to the common health problems. On the contrary, those with a BMI above or below the ideal range, were at an increased risk of early death.

-As per experts, an ideal Body Mass Index (BMI) is expected to fall in the range from 18.5-24.9. 

-Findings were published in The Lancet

Source: The Lancet

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