6 Healthy Habits For A Healthier You This 2017!

A notebook to jot down healthy habits for 2017

Like the blink of an eye, 2016 has ended and it’s time for a fresh start with 2017. With the New Year, comes New Year Resolutions. Why not dedicate next year to improving the most prized asset you have-Your Health. Well- informed as we all are, with the new year setting in, it’s time to put that knowledge to use and start incorporating some healthy habits in your life.

Here are six simple habits that you can set as your goal for next year:

1 . Don’t Skip Breakfast

This one seems to be a common habit of most working professionals who say they do not have the time in the morning to eat breakfast. They end up grabbing some unhealthy processed food on the way to office. Wake up a bit earlier and ensure you have a wholesome meal with complex carbohydrates, protein and a bit of fat.

2 . Include Physical Activity

The importance of getting regular exercise cannot be overstated. There is no alternative to this life prolonging habit. At least 30 minutes of exercise daily is the minimum requirement. Pair up with a friend to take a walk after office.

3 . Maintain A Healthy Weight

Your aim should be to keep your BMI within 25. Harvard Medical says that for overweight people, shedding even 10% of their weight has a big impact on blood pressure and blood sugar levels. So don’t set unrealistic targets of getting back into your high-school figure. Instead, set a realistic goal that will actually improve your health.

4 . Get Adequate Sleep

With more demands on our time each day, sleep seems like wasteful endeavour to many. But sleep deprivation over a prolonged period of time can lead to negative impact on your mental and emotional well-being. It will decrease your alertness, energy, creativity and decision-making skills.

5 . Maintain Work Life Balance

Maintaining social connections and keeping in touch with your family and friends can add years to your life. They can give you support in your leaner times and also helps to keep you in a good mood. It can decrease stress and the related diseases like high blood pressure and heart problems.

6 . Quit Smoking

Tobacco in any form has been linked to a decrease in life span and an increase in the chances of cardiac diseases. Quitting smoking today is the biggest favour you can do to your body.

These healthy habits require you to follow a more disciplined approach to your life. So, go ahead and tweak your daily habits and incorporate these habits in your daily routine and add happy and healthy years to your life over the years. Stay Healthy, Stay Happy!

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